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1971-74 (Issues 1-22)
1975-78 (23-46)
1979-82 (47-70)
1983-86 (71-94)
1987-90 (95-115)
1991-94 (116-138)
1995-98 (139-161)
1999-present (162- )


#1 June 1971 (bound photocopy)
Hal Lindsey

EDITORIAL - The Jesus Movement - by Ben Patterson
FEATURE - "The PROGRESS Game" - by Duane Pederson
ARTICLE - "Another Diary of a Mad Housewife"
WAVES - Quotes from: THE PETER PRINCIPLE by Dr. Laurence Peter, LIVING ON THE GROWING EDGE by Bruce Larson, THE CHURCH AT THE END OF THE 20th CENTURY by Francis A. Schaeffer, A NEW FACE FOR THE CHURCH by Lawrence O. Richards.
INTERVIEW - Hal Lindsey
ADVERTISEMENTS - National Youth Workers Convention
MOCK ADS - Learn TAP Dancing, Trick Squirt Badges

#2 August 1971 (bound photocopy)
Jack Sparks: Bluejeans & Counter Revolution

EDITORIAL - "The Angela Davis Affair" - by Ben Patterson
FEATURE - Misgivings on Matthew 25:31-46 by Rob Roland
PROFILE - Profile of a Youth Group - First Baptist Church, Modesto, California - Bill Stewart, Director of Youth
CARTOON - The Perfect Youth Minister Paper Doll
INTERVIEW - Jack Sparks
ARTICLE - "Taking the Incarnation Seriously" by Lambert Dolphin
FEATURE - "It's All in How You Say It" (Quotes)
WAVES - quotes
FEATURE - "O Be Careful Little Bus, Where You Go..."
ADVERTISEMENTS - National Youth Workers Convention

#3 October 1971 (bound photocopy)
Ray Stedman

EDITORIAL - Blessed Hope or Paralysis of Hope? by Ben Patterson
REVIEW - "WE-WERE-THERE DEPT" A Celebration of Evangelism, September 20-24, 1971 Cincinnati, Ohio
CARTOON - One More Look At Matthew Four Department
INTERVIEW - Ray Stedman
OBITUARY - The Jesus Movement
PROFILE - Profile of a Youth Group - Fourth Presbyterian Church, Bethesda, Maryland - Russ Cadle, Minister of Youth
WAVES - Quotes
FEATURE - "And Now The News" - Disturbance a Compton Church, Survey of Christian Married Couples
ARTICLE - "Another Look at the Generation Gap"
ADVERTISEMENT - Volkswagen Bug

#4 December 1971 (bound photocopy)

EDITORIAL - "Well Done, Thou Good and Busy Servant" by Ben Patterson
ARTICLE - "Jesus Sells" by Mike Yaconelli
PROFILE - Profile of a Youth Group - First Presbyterian Church, Yakima, Washington - Sonny Salsbury, Minister of Youth
REVIEW - 1971 National Youth Workers Convention - "Telling It Like It Was"
ARTICLE - "What's Wrong With this Picture?" (Manager scene w/ Mary holding a baby Santa Claus) by Wayne Rice
POEM - "O God Make Me Discontent with Things..." by Robert Raines
REVIEWS - Film Review - "Carnal Knowledge", Book Review - "The Soft Revolution, The Sex Book: A Modern Pictorial Encyclopedia"
POEM -"It's Not That We Have Not...." by H. Winfield Tutte
CARTOON - "Starvation is God's Way..." by R. Cobb
LOSER - cartoon "I Led A Protest Movement Once"
POEM -"Conversation with a Carpenter" by Jay Grimstead
FEATURE - "The Door Swings" the top 10 current songs on the billboard magazine charts
ADVERTISEMENT - Tyndale House - "Reach Out" the Living New Testament
FEATURE - "And Now the News"
ADVERTISEMENT - "Smiles" sound motion picture by Youth Specialties
ADVERTISEMENT - "Message Mail" fund raising idea for youth groups
WAVES - quotes
FEATURE - Head in the Sand Award: Christianity Today
ADVERTISEMENT - Tyndale House - "The Living Bible"
ADVERTISEMENT - Azusa Pacific College

#5 February/March 1972 (bound photocopy)
(Drawing of Martin Luther nailing on door)

ARTICLE - "News Flashes from the Cadaver Chronicle" by Charles Pierson
EDITORIAL -"Getting Back to Reality" - by Wayne Rice
ARTICLE - "Remember the Burning Bush or..Is the Right Hand of Fellowship losing its Grip" - by Craig Wilson
FEATURE - "A Bright Idea?" (Four Procedural Laws that govern the use of the Four Spiritual Laws)
WAVES - Quotes
FEATURE - "The Door Swings" (Top Ten songs on rock charts according to BILLBOARD magazine. Songs are rated)
FEATURE - "God Calls a Man..." by Richard Halverson
LOSER - Catholic advertisement in PLAYBOY magazine recruiting prospective priests.
ARTICLE - "An Open Letter" Anonymous letter from a youth worker concerning confusion with the established church.
PROFILE - Profile of a Youth Group - First Baptist Church of Van Nuys California, Mike Crooker Junior High Director.
ADVERTISEMENTS - "Smiles" a motion picture by Youth Specialties, and "Summit Expedition" summer courses for young men and women to deepen one's relationship with God and experience the rugged outdoors of the High Sierras of California.

#6 April/May 1972 (bound photocopy)

EDITORIAL - by Ben Patterson
ARTICLE - "Meet Barry McGuire"
ARTICLE - "In Defense of Doubt" by Mike Yaconelli
ARTICLE - "The Vanishing Youth Director" by Denny Rydberg
REVIEWS - Literature - "Doubt", "Just the Greatest", "Future Shock"- Movies - "Kotch", "Bless the Beasts and the Children", "The Godfather"
FEATURE - "Faith is therefore named..." by Karl Barth
INTERVIEW - Jay Kesler
PROFILE - Profile of a Youth Group - Clearwater Community Church, Clearwater, Florida - Paul Young, Minister to Students
FEATURE - National Youth Workers Convention Preview
CARTOON - "Well, Actually..or What a Youth Worker Says is not Always What He Means."
FEATURE - The Door Swings - Top 10 of the current songs on the billboard magazine charts
ADVERTISEMENT - Volkswagen Bug

#7 June 1972 (bound photocopy)
Humpty Dumpty

ARTICLE - "Humpty Dumpty Revisited" by Vic Pentz
EDITORIAL - "The Church" by Ben Patterson
INTERVIEW - Dr. Bernard L. Ramm
FEATURE - The Door Swings - Top 10 of the current songs on the billboard magazine charts
MOCK INSERT - "Baptism Today"
WAVES - quotes
NEWS - "Oklahoman Tells Securities Dept. God Protects His Investors", "Composer of 'Patton's Prayer' Dies"
FEATURE - "Bernard Loves You, and has a Wonderful Plan for the Rest of Your Life"
PROFILE - Profile of a Youth Group - Skyline Wesleyan Church, Dale Baily, High School Pastor
ADVERTISEMENT - Azusa Pacific College
REVIEWS - "Screen Door" Books - "I'm OK - You're OK", "The Seven Laws of Teaching", "Tell the World, A Jesus People Manual", Movies - "Lolita", "2001:A Space Odessey", "A Clockwork Orange", "Dr. Strangelove" Short Subjects - "Fiddler on the Roof", "The French Connection", "The Garden of the Finzi-Continis", "Hospital", "The Last Picture Show", "Straw Dogs", "What's Up Doc"
ARTICLE - "Youth Ministry - After That What?" by Dr. Lorin Soderwall
FEATURE - "Door Jams" (letters to the editor)
LOSER - United Church of Christ for ordaining its first homosexual minister
FEATURE - Section from John Steinbeck's "East of Eden"
ADVERTISEMENT - National Youth Workers Convention
ADVERTISEMENT - Summit Expedition - Youth Development Inc.

#8 August/September 1972 (bound photocopy)
"EXPLO '72: The Rapture's Pre-Game Warm-Up"

ADVERTISEMENT - "Youth Interrobang"
EDITORIAL - "A Key Hole Comment" - The Church by Ben Patterson
INTERVIEW - Tom Skinner
ARTICLE - National Youth Workers Convention Preview
ARTICLE - "I Rode the Bus to Explo" by Craig Wilson
ARTICLE - Inside Explo by Denny Rydberg
ADVERTISEMENT - The Youth Education Service Training Course
FEATURE - "Door Jam" (letters to the editor)
REVIEWS - Books - Electric Liturgy, What Christ Thinks of the Church, Don't Bug Me Preacher. Comics - Theological Cosmics, Deadearth Komix.
FEATURE - The Door Swings - Top 10 songs on the Billboard magazine charts
REVIEWS - cont. Films - The Hired Hand, J.W. Coop, The Cowboys, The Last of the Red Hot Lovers, The Red Sun, Play it Again Sam, The Carey Treatment, Skyjacked, Harold and Maude, Fritz the Cat, Cabaret and Frenzy.
PROFILE - Profile of a Youth Group - Bill Turnbull, Penthouse Church, Waikiki Beach Hawaii
WAVES - quotes
LOSER - "Holyland", Mobile, Alabama
ADVERTISEMENT - Azusa Pacific University
ADVERTISEMENT - National Youth Workers Convention

#9 - October/November 1972 (bound photocopy)

LOSER - Want ad for "New Biblical 'Disney-Type' Theme Park"
ADVERTISEMENT - "Success With Youth"
EDITORIAL - "Eagleton" by Ben Patterson
ARTICLE - "The Kingdom and the Power" (politics and christianity)
ARTICLE -"Taking a Stand-East of the Jordan-The Arab View of the Cross" by Leonard Rogers
INTERVIEW - Os Guinness
FEATURE - "Fall Preview of our Christian Colleges"
REVIEWS - Books - The Greening of the Church, Managing Our Works, Rock Bach and Super Schlock, - Movies - The Candidate, The Man
ARTICLE - "Bring in the Sheaves - How Shallow is Deep" by Mike Yaconelli
ARTICLE - "L'Abri From the Mike Who Was There" by Mike Yaconelli
WAVES - quotes from S. DeLove, B. Baruch, D. Bennett, R.J. Niebanck, A. Lincoln, O Ameringe
ARTICLE - "Marjoe" by Ben Patterson
PROFILE - Profile of a Youth Group - Jim Irby, Mt. Carmel Christian Church
ADVERTISEMENT - "Youth Interrobang"
ADVERTISEMENT - Azusa Pacific College

#10 December 1972 (bound photocopy)
“Yes, I See That Hand.” Evangelism

ARTICLE - "Harry, you carve...or My Worst Christmas" by Craig Wilson
ARTICLE - "Trouble at the Inn" by Dina Donohue
INTERVIEW - Richard Houge
INTERVIEW - Bob Munger
ARTICLE - "Evangelism - A Few Thoughts'
FEATURE - Christmas Cards You Might Get This Year
REVIEWS - Books - Values and Teaching, Youth Ministry - Its Renewal In the Local Church, Catch the New Wind - Films - A Separate Place, A Time to Run, Marjoe
LOSER OF THE YEAR - "Power in the Blood"
FEATURE - Preview to the 1972 National Youth Workers Convention
PROFILE - Profile of a Youth Group, Sig Zielke, Grace Community Church, Temple, Arizona
ADVERTISEMENT - Azusa Pacific College
FEATURE - The Jerusalem Post

#11 - February/March 1973 (bound photocopy)
Church Renewal

EDITORIAL - "The First Shall Be Last" by Ben Patterson
INTERVIEW - Larry Richards
FEATURE - "Big Church, Little Church - The Whole Armour of God, D Department"
ARTICLE - "Church Renewal is a Cheap Substitute For...Revolution" by Mike Yaconelli
REVIEWS - Books - The Fat Is In Your Head, Genesis In Space and Time, Back to Freedom and Dignity, The New Super Spirituality, Why Conservative Churches are Growing, - Movies - Sounder, Savage Messiah, The King of Marvin Gardens
FEATURE - "The St. Valentines Day Mascarade" by Craig Wilson
WAVES - Quotes from W. Rogers, Bonhoeffer, C. Shedd, Thoreau, A. Dewey
ADVERTISEMENT - The Blue Denim Bible
ARTICLE - "God is Good Business" by Wayne Rice
LOSER - Christian Oscars
ARTICLE - "I'm Already Saved"
ADVERTISEMENT - Azusa Pacific College
ADVERTISEMENT - "The Dust of Death" video - Os Guinness

#12 - April/May 1973 (bound photocopy)
Basic Youth Conflix

ADVERTISEMENT - Whitworth College
EDITORIAL - by Ben Patterson
ARTICLE - "Getting a Loose-Leaf of Life" by Denny Rydberg
FEATURE - "Like Father, Like Son?" from interview with William, Senior
ARTICLE - "The Bill Gothard Story" by Denny Rydberg
INTERVIEW - Gary Smalley
QUOTES ARTICLE: "Citing Scripture: Butchery or Surgery?" by Bernard Ramm
ARTICLE: "Bury My Umbrella at Wounded Knee" by Joel Crosby
ARTICLE: "Thanksgiving" by Richard Hunter
FEATURE: Response to Green Weenie award: Haunted House
SCREEN DOOR: Book Reviews--Dust of Death, Ask Me to Dance
THE DOOR SWINGS: "One Night Stand"
MOVIES: "The Emigrants," "Deliverance"
LOSER: Oklahoma State House rejecting legislation proposing equal rights for women
FEATURE: Holiday Cards

#13 June/July 1973 (bound photocopy)
Up to Our Steeples in Politices/Will Campbell

EDITORIAL: "Shall we dance?" by Ben Patterson
ARTICLE: "Play it Again" by Barbara Jurgensen
INTERVIEW: Will Campbell on Committe of Southern Churchmen, institutions, technology
ARTICLE: "Deprivation Within the Evangelical Family and Church"by Rod Rosenbladt
LOSER: Dialogue Cassettes...Contemporary B.C.
ARTICLE: "Camping Philosophy & Programming" by Neil Graham
MOCK AD: Christian camping = "Neat Mountain"
ARTICLE: "Questions to Ask When Joining a Church Staff" by Bill Stewart
THE SCREEN DOOR: Books--Up to Our Steeples in Politics, The Mind Matters, Getting Even
THE DOOR SWINGS: "Tie a Yellow Ribbon Around the Old Oak Tree," "Drift Away," "I Knew Jesus (Before He was a Star)," "Only Visiting this Planet"
MOVIES: "Brother Sun, Sister Moon" "Save the Tiger"
ARTICLE: "Profile of a Youth Worker"
ARTICLE: "Scratchings"
FEATURE: "Wilson's Believe it or Not"
BACK DOOR: "Death of a Youth Worker" by Gary Wilburn

#14 August/September l973 (bound photocopy)
A Look at Death

EDITORIAL: by Ben Patterson re Hemingway, death, resurrection
LOSER: 1st Baptist Church of Van Nuys, CA, Sunday School contest
INTERVIEW: Joe Bayly re death
POEM: "A Psalm in a Hospital Corridor"
POEM: "A Psalm About the Shortness of Life"
FEATURE: "Inopportune Moments for Jesus to Come..."
CARTOON: Personalized License Plates we'd like to see by Wayne Rice
ARTICLE: "Death, Dying, Ethics and Theology" by Bernard Ramm
ARTICLE: "Where There's a Will...There's a Way" by Norvin L. Grauf
ARTICLE: "Funeral & Memorial Societies"
SCREEN DOOR: Books = On Death & Dying, The Art of Dying; Movies = "The Great American Funeral, "Threshold," "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge," "Scarecrow," "Though I Walk through the Valley"
THE DOOR SWINGS: "You'll Never Get to Heaven," "There Goes Rhymin Simon," Now and Then," "Living in the Material World"
BACK DOOR: by Mike Roeder
POEM: "The Living Dead" by Mike Yaconelli
PHOTO: Of toilet with sign "In case of rapture, somebody please flush."

#15 October/November l973 (bound photocopy)
Did I Say That?

EDITORIAL: Masters at Mediocrity by Ben Patterson
LOSER: Bob Jones University Press for The Untold Story, Latin American Mission of Mexico for EP News article, National Youth Department of Foursquare Church, Rev. Ronald McKenzie for preacher robot
ARTICLE: "The Feeling of Truth" by Paul Pulliam
INTERVIEW: Mel White on communications, trust, authority of scripture
ARTICLE: "Scratchings" by Scratch
ARTICLE: "A Summary of Watergate Revelations" by Art Buchwald
ARTICLE: "Key 73 - A Midterm Grade" by Barrie Doyle
ARTICLE: "The Real Meaning of Public Prayer" by Charles E. Pierson
ARTICLE: "Halloween Feature" by Craig Wilson
SCREEN DOOR: Books = The Becomers, How to get Control of Your Time and Your Life
MOVIES: Jesus in Movies, "American Graffiti"
THE DOOR SWINGS: "Youth Ministry Alive," "Angie," "Knockin' on Heaven's Door," "Just You 'N' Me," "Ramblin Man"
FEATURE: It Would be Easier...

#16 December '73/January ‘74 (bound photocopy)
Christmas Issue

EDITORIAL: "On Mountains and Molehills" by Ben Patterson
ARTICLE: "For Forty Years the Land Had Turmoil" reflections on ministry by Frederick W. Cropp
LOSER: Whiskey bottles thrown into rivers with Bible verses enclosed
ARTICLE: "Can the Church Survive Pentecost?" by Gayle Erwin
FEATURE: Convention '73
INTERVIEW: Paul Little re Evangelism
FEATURE: Christmas Pageant song, "Oh Say Can You See" by Denny Rydberg
CARTOON: Four Views of the Nativity by C. Wilson
ARTICLE: "The Strange (but True) Confessions of a Hard News Freak" reprinted from LA Times
ARTICLE: "Searching for Sages" by Joyce Maynard reprinted from Newsweek
BOOK REVIEW: So Long, Sweet Jesus by Bill Milliken; The Boys of Summer by Roger Kahn; Leah printed by Fleming H. Revell; Landing Rightside Up in TV and Film by G. William Jones; No Easy Game by Terry Bradshaw; Buried Alive by Myra Friedman
MOVIES: Bang the Drum Slowly, The Sunseekers, Westworld and Soylent Green
TOP 40 SINGLES: I Got a Mane by Jim Croce, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John, Seeds by Barry McGuire
FEATURE: Wittenburg Door Christmas Gift List

#17 February/March 1974 (bound photocopy)
Corruption and the Church

EDITORIAL: "Corruption and Tree Stumps" by Ben Patterson
LOSER: C. Mervin Russell of World Gospel Crusades
INTERVIEW: Ladon Sheats re Konania Partners, Christian community living, materialism
FEATURE: Impressive Bibles
FEATURE: Performance Appraisal for Church Youth Workers by Kathryn Lindskoog
FEATURE: l974 Religious Trading Cards
FEATURE: Organic Bibles
BOOKS: The Future of the Great Planet Earth by Richard Hanson; Knowing God by J.I. Packer; Eighth Day of Creation by Elizabeth O'Connor; Paulus by Rollo May; Salted Peanuts by E.C. McKenzie; The Barnabas Bible by Graham Jeffrey; Comparative Guide to American Colleges by James Cass & Max Birnbaum; How to Live Without a Four-Year College Degree
MOVIES: For Discussion, The Paper Chase, McQ, Sleeper, The Sting, Dead Pigeon on Beethoven Street
BACKDOOR: re materialism, the church, and government by Mike Yaconelli

#18 April/May 1974 (bound photocopy)
EDITORIAL: "The Easter Show" by Ben Patterson
FEATURE: Handy Youthworker's pat Answer List #1
INTERVIEW: Bill and Jean Milliken re materialism, community
LOSER: The Late Great Planet Earth Songbook
FEATURE: Youth Workers Aptitude Test
FEATURE: Nostalgia Bible
WAVES: Quotes from Kenneth Clark, Civilization; Cat Stevens, The Rolling Stones; Psychology professor Albert Siegel
ARTICLE: "For Forty Years the Land Had Turmoil" by Frederick W. Cropp
THE EXORCIST: reviewed by Rydberg, Hal Lindsey & Tom Howard
BOOKS: The Simple Life by Vernard Eller; Arousing the Sleeping Giant by Robert K. Hudnut; Daily Celebration by William Barclay; Johnny, We Hardly Knew Ye by Kenneth P. O'Donnell & David F. Powers
MOVIES: Cinderella Liberty, Last Detail, Blazing Saddles, Busting, Phase IV, 11 Harrow House
FEATURE: Priorities by Richard Halverson
FEATURE: Important Christians You Should Know

#19 June/July 1974 (bound photocopy)
Billy Graham & His Evangelistic Association

LOSER: Rev. Bobby Flatt of Eden Missionary Baptist Church for attacking Living Bible
INTERVIEW: Billy Graham
ARTICLE: "Impressions--Graham News Conference" by Mike Yaconelli
INTERVIEW: Russ Busby, cameraman for Graham
ARTICLE: "Impressions--Billy Graham Crusade" by Denny Rydberg
FEATURE: El Foldo Church
INTERVIEW: Howard Jones
INTERVIEW: Sherwood Wirt
LETTER: "An open letter to the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association"
BOOKS: The One and Only You by Bruce Larson, Memo for 1976 by Wesley Pippert, The Seven Last Words to the Church by Ralph Neighbor, The Time Trap by R. Alec MacKenzie
MOVIES: Sugarland Express, The Great Gatsby, The Three Mustketeers, The Midnight Man

#20 August/September 1974 (bound photocopy)
Marriage and Ministry

EDITORIAL: "Shoulders That Never Lose Their Shape" by Ben Patterson
LOSER: Ft. Wayne Baptist Temple and The Ormond Organization of Nashville, TN, for ad re a doomed America
INTERVIEW: Charlie and Martha Shedd re marriage & ministry
FEATURE: The Wittenburg Door's Wonderful Plan for Your Life...matching men and women in the ministry
ARTICLE: "What is Marriage?" by Letha Scanzoni
FEATURE: Cliff Gotcha...Holyland Adventures
ARTICLE: "Divorce Christian Style" by Wes Bryan
BOOKS: Stop the World I Want to Get On by C. Peter Wagner; Proexistence by Udo Middelmann; Secrecy in the Church by Richard N. Ostling; Spiritual Gifts and the Church by Donald Bridge and David Phyphers; Prayer for Each Day by Jose Feder; Third Base is My Home by Brooks Robinson
MOVIES: Chinatown, The Groove Tube, Mr. Majestyk, Mame, Huckleberry Finn
ARTICLE: "Diary of a Mad Housewife" anonymous (reprinted from June '71 Door)

#21 October/November 1974 (bound photocopy)
God and Country Issue

LOSER: Dr. Bill Bright, Campus Crusade, "asserted today that South Korea was justified in putting Korean Christians into prison"
ARTICLE: "Repression, and What to do About It" reprint from LA Times
EDITORIAL: "Mere Forgiveness" by Ben Patterson
INTERVIEW: Mark Hatfield
ARTICLE: "Mark Hatfield on Hunger"
ARTICLE: "Is Tobacco Food for Peace?"
INTERVIEW: Wesley Pippert
CARTOON: The Further Adventures of Bob Herringbone
BOOKS: The Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn; The Persecutor by Sergei Kourdakov; Instant Analysis by Forest Boyd; The Edge of Adventure by Keith Miller & Bruce Larson
MOVIES: White Dawn, Raw, Sonny, That's Entertainment, For Pete's Sake, Uptown Saturday Night, The Tamarind Seed, The Parallax View

#22 December'74/January'75 (bound photocopy)
Woody Allen: Theologian of the Year

EDITORIAL: "Gregorian Chants and the Second Coming" by Ben Patterson
OBITURARIES: Chain Letter, "Christmas, Merry"
ARTICLE: "The Scrolls" by Woody Allen
ARTICLE: "The Polymath Who Knows Only One Thing...A Look at Jacques Ellul" by Vernard Eller
FEATURE: "A Guide for Beginners" re Ellul's books
FEATURE: Convention Report '74
LOSERS: Mrs. Rosargentine Pinel de Smith, Niresk Industries for dolls, Orange County Teen Challenge Organization's fund raiser, Mike Crain of Stine Road Baptist Church's ad, Polyon Robes
PROFILE: Kay Lindskoog
INTERVIEW: Mike Yaconelli interviewing himself
ARTICLE: "Of Lizards and Liberty" by Harlan Shoop
UPDATE: On Transactions in the Christian Business World by Kay Lindskoog
BOOKS: All We're Meant to Be: A Biblical Approach to Women's Liberation by Letha Scanzoni & Nancy Hardesty; Let's Quit Fighting About the Holy Spirit by Pete Gillquist; Rapping About the Spirit by Bernie Ramm
MOVIES: Odessa File; The Longest Yard; Airport; King of Hearts; The Adventures of Rabbi Jacob
FEATURE: Best and Worst Films of l974
ARTICLE: "Then Came Susan" by Wes Seeliger

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