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1971-74 (Issues 1-22)
1975-78 (23-46)
1979-82 (47-70)
1983-86 (71-94)
1987-90 (95-115)
1991-94 (116-138)
1995-98 (139-161)
1999-present (162- )


#23 February/March 1975 (bound photocopy)
God, Where Are You Now That We Need You?

EDITORIAL: Hope in Despair by Ben Patterson
ARTICLE: "If They Stole My 'Patty'..." by Kay Lindskoog
LOSER: Christian Consumer Guide
LETTER: Letter from Yaconellis to Grace Community Church re Lisa
INTERVIEW: Stanley Mooneyham, President of World Vision re poverty
FEATURE: Suggestions for Individual and Group Action from the Office of Senator Mark Hatfield
FEATURE: VAL-YOUth, A Values Clarification Game for Youth Directors
FEATURE: Comparative Chart on World Relief Agencies
ARTICLE: "Another Slant on Giving and Guilt"
ARTICLE: "The Spirit is Calling us to Hawaii" by Jay Jarman and Grant Lee
FEATURE: Cliff Gotcha...Epicurean Odyssey by C. McNair Wilson
BOOKS: And There Will Be Famines by Larry Ward; No Little People by Francis A. Schaeffer; Clarifying Values Through Subject Matter by Merrill Harmin, Howard Kirschenbaum, Sidney B. Simon; David by Nancy Roberts
MOVIES: The Godfather, Part II, Lenny, Freebie and the Bean, Murder on the Orient Express, The Towering Inferno
FEATURE: Christian Cliches: Illustrated

#24 April/May...June, July, August, September 1975 (bound photocopy)
Jocks for Jesus

EDITORIAL: "Popsicle Evangelism" by Ben Patterson
MOCK AD: Not Many Wise, Mighty or Noble Agency
FEATURE: "Push 'em back, Push 'em back, Way back" Dept.
LOSER: Tom Critchton, Rochester Hills Baptist Church for cutting bus in half
LETTER: From a Frustrated Youth Worker
INTERVIEW: Donn Moomaw, Linebacker of the Year
CARTOON: The Reverend Oral Fixation by Phil Steffen
CARTOON: Abba Warner Football Tryouts Today
INTERVIEW: Gary Warner & Skip Stogsdill -- directors of Communications Dept for Fellowship of Christian Athletes
MOCK AD: Commitment Equipment
ARTICLE: A Sports Manifesto
INTERVIEW: Kyle Rote, Jr. soccer player
FEATURE: Eschatology Consciousness - Raising Quiz
FEATURE: The New Wittenburg Door Rating System
ARTICLE: "Kicking the Sacred Cow" by Kay Lindskoog
BOOKS: Semi-Tough by Dan Jenkins; North Dallas Forty by Peter Gent; Meat on the Hoof by Gary Shaw; Buckeye by Robert Vare; Cosell by Howard Cosell; The Alleluia Affair by Malcolm Boyd; Talk to Me by Charlie Shedd; Images of Man by Donald J. Drew
MOVIES: Woman Under the Influence, Shampoo, What if They Gave an Election and Nobody Came
FEATURE: Sports page by Wayne Rice

#25 June/July 1975 (bound photocopy)
Towers of Babel Issue

EDITORIAL: "Towers of Babel" by Ben Patterson
INTERVIEW: Dr. Robert H. Schuller
MOCK AD: First Annual International Church Growth and Pastor's Leadership Conference
ARTICLE: "Toiletry NEWS" by Kay Lindskoog & Mike Yaconelli
ARTICLE: "A Visit to Hammond" by Denny Rydberg
LOSER: Rev. Bill Lane who sets himself on fire while preaching
ARTICLE: "How to Close Down Your Church in Five Easy Lessons" by Ka Tong Gaw??
CARTOON: Not that kind of calf! (sacrificing a leg) by Denhart
CARTOON: The Further Adventures of the Reverend Oral Fixation by Phil Steffen
BOOKS: A Season in Hell by Percy Kauth; A Father...a Son...and a Three Mile Run by Keith Leenhouts; Robert H. Schuller books: Power Ideas for a Happy Family, Your Future is Your Friend, Move Ahead with Possibility Thinking, Your Church Has Real Possibilities, The Greatest Possibility Thinker That Ever Lived, God's Way to the Good Life, You Can Become the Person You want to Be, Self-Love the Dynamic Force of Success
MOVIES: Tommy, The Passenger, The Return of the Pink Panther, The Eiger Sanction, W.W. and the Dixie Dancekings, Brief Vacation
FEATURE: One-more-look-at-Matthew-Four Department -- "The Wittenburg Door Salutes the Great Churches of Our Time"

#26 August/September 1975 (bound photocopy)
The Totaled Woman

EDITORIAL: "May the Twain Ever Meet" by Ben Patterson
LOSER: Christian and Missionary Alliance for their monument to compassion and concern for the elderly.
INTERVIEW: Marabel Morgan
ARTICLE: "Reactions from a Partial Woman" by Kay Lindskoog
CARTOON: Alpha-Omega books by Ray Cioni
ARTICLE: "Decade of Women: A perspective from Mexico City" by Noel Fitch, PhD.
INTERVIEW: Letha Scanzoni
FEATURE: The Total Woman Quiz
ARTICLE: "The Bloom is Back on the Rose" by Kay Lindskoog
BOOKS: Naked Nomads by George Gilder; These Strange Ashes by Elizabeth Elliot; Papal Bulls and English Muffins by Joe McCarthy; Total Fitness in Thirty Minutes by Laurence Morehouse
MOVIES: Rollerball, Jaws, The Other Side of the Mountain, Scenes From a Marriage, Love and Death
CARTOON: Hiding The Wittenburg Door inside Playboy to read in store by Dan Pegoda

#27 October/November l975 (bound photocopy)
Merchandising the Gospel

CARTOON: American Christianity exhibited on a cross
EDITORIAL: "Jesus and Joe DiMaggio" by Ben Patterson
LOSER: Chief Charging Bear and Riverside Tabernacle of Flint, MI
INTERVIEW: Russ Reid re marketing, advertising
FEATURE: "Jeremiah of Jerusalem" by Dave Sheffel
ARTICLE: "1234567 Rules for Personal Workers" by Larry Walker
CARTOON: The Reverend Oral Fixation
ARTICLE: "On Behalf of Men!" by Kay Lindskoog
ARTICLE: "Premiere...A Bomb! The Hiding Place" by Denny Rydberg
ARTICLE: "Dear Mr. Roeder" by Mike Roeder
CARTOON: Christian advertising by Den Hart
ARTICLE: "Don't Take the Uglies Out of Christmas" by Vernard Eller
BOOKS: The Problems of Wineskins by Howard A Snyder; Dietrich Bonhoeffer by Dallas Roark; Salvation by Surprise by Earl Palmer; Man in Black by Johnny Cash
MOVIES: The Hiding Place; Three Days of the Condor; Until I Die; Monty Python and the Holy Grail
ARTICLE: "The Sin of the Church Page" by Mike Yaconelli
FEATURE: "Catchy Mottos for Church Advertising"
CONTEST: Bicentennial Essay Contest

#28 December '75/January '76 (bound photocopy)
Bicentennial Issue

EDITORIAL ISSUE: "Pieta" by Ben Patterson
RECANT: Of previous LOSER re elderly
LOSER: Rev. Paul B. Tinlin re favoring broadcast of executions and Rev. Dr. Ray Bateman--Feeding 5,000
FEATURE: Bicentennial Bible
INTERVIEW: Martin Marty re society, America
COMIC: "Starchie" comic book
ARTICLE: "America...Love it or Leave it!" by Kay Lindskoog
INTERVIEW: David Gerstein a political activist
BOOKS: A Spiritual Autobiography by William Barclay; Success is a Moving Target by Robert Raines; Something Happened by Joseph Heller
MOVIES: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
FEATURE: Great All American Contributions to the Church

#29 February/March 1976 (bound photocopy)
The Door Busts the Theological Cosa Nostra

EDITORIAL: "St. Augustineís Dung Beetles" by Ben Patterson
FEATURE: Cliff Gotcha...Bicentennial Tours Evangelical and Economical
LOSER: Church of the Second Coming, Inc.
INTERVIEW: Earl Palmer re seminaries
FEATURE: Who's Who in the Cosa Nostra
FEATURE: Bicentennial Essays
CARTOON: Maffia ruffing up parishioner who disagrees with church policies
FEATURE: Maffia Photos with captions
INTERVIEW: Fortrell Fiddle, D.D. re renewal
FEATURE: Between the Lines...A seminary catalogue we'd like to see
CARTOON: Jesus in temple amidst doctors by Dan Pegoda
AD: Modest Apparel
BOOKS: Moral Development...A Guide to Giaget and Kohlberg by Ronald Duska and Mariellen Whelan; What is Family? by Edith Schaeffer; The Age of Sensation by Herbert Hendin
MOVIES: Barry Lindon, Hester Street, Sherlock Holmes Smarter Brother
ARTICLE: "A Modest Aid for Harried Ministers" by Dean Sigler
BACK DOOR: "The Little Boy Who Wanted to Fight Fires" by Mike Yaconelli

#30 April/May l976 (bound photocopy)
TV Issue

EDITORIAL: "Watchers" by Ben Patterson
LOSER: Patricia French's Christian Charm School
MOCK AD: The Hits of the Nixies
INTERVIEW: Dr. Paul Borgman re television
INTERVIEW: Malcolm Muggeridge
CARTOON: Film shooting of pastor praying by Den Hart
ARTICLE: "Powerful Predictive Prophecy" by Harry Boonstra
CARTOON: Televised church service by Dan Pegoda
MOCK AD: Add A House
ARTICLE: "With Jaundiced Eye: Viewing TV Askance" by Kay Lindskoog
SURVEY: Favorite TV Programs
BOOKS: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Pirsig; Screwtape Writes Again by Walter Martin
MOVIES: All the President's Men; Robin and Marian; Next Stop Greenwich Village
WAVES: quotes from Rollo May and Mark Twain
REVIEW: "The Following Religion is Broght to You in Living Color" by C. McNair Wilson aka Christian Amory

#31 June/July 1976 (bound photocopy)
Celebrating Five Years of Publishing at a Loss

EDITORIAL: "The Battle for the Tent" by Ben Patterson
LOSER: Hans Mullikin, Southern Baptist evangelist, who crawl 1200 miles
INTERVIEW: Mike Yaconelli, Wayne Rice, Denny Rydberg
POEM: The Holy Sea
POEM: Message for the Masses by Sister Rose Tillemans, CSJ
FEATURE: The Wittenburg Door TILL NOW: A Not-So-Sober Look at Our Last Five Years by C. McNair Wilson
REPORT FROM INTERVIEWEES: Joe Bayly, Hal Lindsey, Letha Scanzoni, Marabel Morgan, Mel White, Wes Pippert, Ladon Sheats, Stan Mooneyham, Bernard Ramm, Jay Kesler
FEATURE: Church Bulletin
GUEST EDITORIAL: By Jim Grindle and Larry Burtoft
CARTOON: Idea Books
BOOKS: Born Again by Charles Colson; Angels by Billy Graham
MOVIES: The Omen
CARTOON: God parting the Red Sea with a comb
FEATURE: Christian Classifieds

#32 August/September l976 (bound photocopy)
Campolo on Bomber, Big Business & Beauty Queens

EDITORIAL: "A Sublime Madness" by Ben Patterson
INTERVIEW: Dr. Harvey Cox re evangelicals, theology, women, cities
MOCK AD: Drive-In Church by Joe Lynch
LOSER: Living Cross
INTERVIEW: Tony Campolo re communism, politics, church, laws, military, women's lib, Miss American contest
CARTOON: Rapture shout by Den Hart
BOOKS: Trends in books by Mike Yaconelli; How to Rear Children by Dr. Jack Hyles
MOVIES: Silent Movie; The Big Bus; Tunnel Vision; Swashbuckler; The Bad News Bears; The Missouri Breaks; Futureworld
ARTICLE: "Deteriorata" by unknown

#33 October/November l976 (bound photocopy)
Sings Godís Greatest Hits

EDITORIAL: "Let Jesus Use Your " by Ben Patterson
LOSER: Gloria Dei Lutheran Church of Huntingdon Valley, PA, for courses such as foliage & flowering house plants
ARTICLE: "Rockin' Out in the Rockies" by Wayne Rice
INTERVIEW: Larry Norman
QUOTES: John Fischer
ARTICLE: "Watch Out for that Old Devil Syncopation" by Mike Royko
ARTICLE: "The Confessions of a Sunday Night Musician" by Dan Jerome
ARTICLE: "Estruth's: 'Believe it or Not!'" by Georglyn Estruth
FEATURE: Bicentennial Music Scene
QUOTES: Billy Ray Hearn
BOOKS: Between a Rock and a Hard Place by Mark Hatfield; The Gift of Inner Healing by Ruth Carter Stapleton
MOVIES: The Shootist, Red Sunday, Beyond the Next Harvest
FEATURE: Evangelical Hall of Fame, Wax Museum

#34 December '76/January '77 (bound photocopy)
The Door Looks at Aging

EDITORIAL: "Cradle to Grave Triviality" by Ben Patterson
FEATURE: C.S. Lewis quote and poem: "As One Oldster to Another"
FEATURE: Religious irony
LOSER: Dr. Robert Schuller's followers
INTERVIEW: Maggie Kuhn
ARTICLE: "Theology of ... er ....."
ARTICLE: "On Hearing a Tiresome Preacher" by Linda Bagshaw
PUBLICATION: "The Only Side" enclosed in this Door
ARTICLE: "The Company Tells Me that I'm Old" by James A. McCracken
ARTICLE: "The Apostle Kirby Rubidoux" by Jacob Ben-Choshek
BOOKS: Let Me be a Woman by Elisabeth Elliot; Praise the Human Season by Don Robertson; Strategy for Living by Ed Dayton
ARTICLE: "Sorry, Wrong Number" by Kay Lindskoog
MOVIES: The Front, Norman is that You, The Ritz
ARTICLE: "Good News, Bad News" by Georglyn Estruth

#35 February/March 1977 (bound photocopy)
The Year of the Evangelical

EDITORIAL: "Shall We Dance?" by Ben Patterson
LOSER: Holmes Theological Seminary's Junior High Camp for their rules
INTERVIEW: Bill Bright, Campus Crusade for Christ
ARTICLE: "Bumper Sticker Christians" by Larry Finger
ARTICLE: "When I Survey..." by Wayne Rice
ARTICLE: "You Can't Take it with You" by Wayne Rice
ARTICLE: "Spiritual Smugness" by Mike Yaconelli
ARTICLE: "Fishers of Men" by Dave Sheffel
ARTICLE: "Paganworld" by Craig Wilson
BOOKS: The Right to Remarry by Dwight Hervey Small; Evangelicals in Search of Identity by Carl E. H. Henry; Smart Dads I Know by Charlie Shedd; The Joy of Running by Thaddeus Kostrubala
MOVIES: The Passover Plot, Network, Two Minute Warning, Pink Panther Strikes Again, King Kong
CARTOON: Jesus Saves, Jesus Garcia Lifeguard by Den Hart
FEATURE: World Faith Bulletin

#36 April/May 1977 (bound photocopy)
The Preachers

EDITORIAL: "Can Preaching Survive Television?" by Ben Patterson
ARTICLE: "Sermon Titles for the Active Pastor" by Kay Lindskoog
INTERVIEW: Dr. James Daane
FEATURE: Words from John MacArthur, Jr.
FEATURE: Words from John A. Huffman, MR.
FEATURE: Words from W.A. Criswell
ARTICLE: "Caveat Lector" re religion in America
FEATURE: "A Word for Pastoral Superstars"
ARTICLE: "Seig Heil at Houston" by Denny Rydberg
FEATURE: Words from Lloyd Ogilvie
FEATURE: Words from Dr. Bruce W. Thielemann
ARTICLE: "Power in the Pulpit"
ARTICLE: "Chaplains" by Craig Wilson
BOOKS: What Really Happened to the Class by Michael Medved & David Wallechinsky; Passages by Gail Sheehy's; The Last Western by Thomas S. Klise
MOVIES: Voyage of the Damned, Bound for Glory, Rocky
FEATURE: Preaching World Records by Craig Wilson

#37 June/July 1977 (bound photocopy)

EDITORIAL: "Spiritual Barometers" by Ben Patterson
QUOTES: "Lines From Your Childhood..." by James Sims
WAVES: re family and a quote from Thomas C. Wear
LOSER: National Association of Evangelicals re capital punishment
ARTICLE: "The Smell of Artificial Roses" by Rod McKean
INTERVIEW: Mr. Fred Rogers
POEM: "To a Dogmatist" by Michael Graves
POEM: "The Evangelist" by Bruce Gorden
ARTICLE: "Memoirs of a Jet Cadet" by C. McNair Wilson
ARTICLE: "Children Need a Sense of Significance" by John M. Drescher
FEATURE: New Organizations Dept. -- Black Penguins
ARTICLE: "A Triad About Love and Justice" by Kay Lindskoog
FEATURE: Caveat Lector re International Distinguished Artistic Service Awards Festival
BOOKS: How Shall We Then Live by Francis A. Schaeffer; Is There Life After High School by Ralph Keyes
MOVIES: Star Wars, Annie Hall, Slapshot, The Late Show, Nasty Habits
ARTICLE: "Don't Let School Interfere with Your Child's Education" by Joseph Bayly

#38 August/September 1977 (bound photocopy)
Door Looks at Missions and the Third World

EDITORIAL: "The Space From the Third World" by Ben Patterson
POEM: "Green Pastors" by Bruce Gordon
LOSER: Kenneth Bowers of Phoenix, AZ, for Communion Pak, Ltd
ARTICLE: "The New World: A Giant Jigsaw Puzzle" by Earl Palmer
INTERVIEW: Howard Snyder
ARTICLE: "There is Life After Life--A Door Reader Proves It" by David Downing
ARTICLE: "A Somewhat Modest Proposal" by Jack Barranger
INTERVIEW: Kefa Sempangi
BOOKS: Independence for the Third World Church by Pius Wakatama
WAVES: Quote from Brady Tyson
MOVIES: NYNY, Sorcerer
FEATURE: Caveat Lector re ladies magazines

#39 October/November 1977 (bound photocopy)
Behind Closet Doors-The Door Looks at Homosexuality

ARTICLE: "The Garden Grove Controversy" by Charlie Shedd re Crystal Cathedral
INTERVIEW: Anita Bryant
CARTOON: Church basketball team losing to gay church team by McNair
FEATURE: Homosexual Aptitude Test
ARTICLE: "A Christian Sociologist Looks at Homosexuality" by Dr. Tony Campolo
EDITORIAL: "A Belated Answer" by Ben Patterson and Kirt Anderson
FEATURE: Keep the $ in Chri$tmas by Craig McNair Wilson
LOSER: Homiletic & Pastoral Review for A Born Again Kneeling Santa
INTERVIEW: Malcolm Boyd
CARTOON: Mary to Jesus: "How many times do I have to tell you? It's red wine with meat, white wine with fish and fowl!"
BOOKS: Is the Homosexual My Neighbor by Letha Scanzoni & Virginia Ramey Moolenkott; Let Justice Roll Down by John Perkins; Male and Female: Christian Approaches to Sexuality by Ruth Tiffany Barnhouse & Urban T. Holmes
MOVIES: Oh, God!; Looking for Mr. Goodbar, Bobby Deerfield, Julia, One on One
ARTICLE: "Bible Studies Dept: Relational Revelation" by Will Eisenhower

#40 December '77/January '78 (bound photocopy)
Door Asks Bob Harrington Some Pointed Questions

EDITORIAL: "If You Love Jesus, Shut Up!" by Ben Patterson
LOSER: Northwestern College for Day of Prayer
INTERVIEW: Bob Harrington re fun, success, marriage problems
CARTOON: Child reading tract by Den Hart
CARTOON: "What Christian Students are Wearing Spring Semester"
UPDATE: The Preacher and the Porno King
ARTICLE: "The Atheist & the Preacher" by Bill Martin
INTERVIEW: Madalyn Murray O'Hair
BOOKS: Brother to a Dragonfly by Will Campbell; A Rumor of War by Philip Caputo; Where is God When it Hurts by Philip Yancey; Fit or Fat by Covert Baily; The Husband Book by Dean Merrill
MOVIES: Turning Point, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, The Goodbye Girl, Semi-Tough, The Gauntlet
FEATURE: "Danger-Signs Questionnaire" by Kay Lindskoog

#41 February/March 1978 (bound photocopy)
To Be Known

EDITORIAL: "To Be Known" by Ben Patterson
POEM: "Crucifixion" by Larry L. Finger
LOSER: Larry Flynt
CARTOON: "Plains Baptist Church Family First Church Service" by Den Hart
INSERT: "God's PEOPLE" including Francis Scraper
BOOKS: Lust, the Other Side of Love by Mel White; Mind as Healer, Mind as Slayer by Kenneth Pelletier
MOVIES: Saturday Night Fever, High Anxiety
MUSIC: Al Green's "The Belle Album"
FEATURE: The Song of Solomon Illustrated by Den Hart

#42 April/May 1978 (bound photocopy)
Summer Evangelism Issue

EDITORIAL: "Christian Worship" by Ben Patterson
LOSER: Oral Roberts University -- Is Fat Un-Christian?
INTERVIEW: John Claypool re evangelism
CARTOON: I found it bumper sticker by Dan Pegoda
UPDATE: Yreka Report
ARTICLE: "Bible Study of the Month" by Harry Boonstra
CARTOON: Church sign--$10 donations only $6.95 by Tom Finley
ARTICLE: "The Body Beautiful" by Richard Stanislaw
BOOKS: The Cultural Subversion of the Biblical Faith by James Smart; Christ and the Media by Malcolm Muggeridge
MOVIES: Unmarried Woman, Straight Time, Silver Bears
MUSIC: How the West Was One with 2nd Chapter of Acts, Phil Keaggy and A Band Called David; Real to Reel
FEATURE: "Hamburger Heaven" by Dan Pegoda & Erik Nelson

#43 June/July 1978 (bound photocopy)
Worldly Evangelicals

EDITORIAL: "Passages II" by Mike Yaconelli
CARTOON: The Christian Clone by Tom Finley
INTERVIEW: Richard Quebedeaux
LOSER: Pastor Lloyd J. Tomer for using jet as a church
FEATURE: Bumper Stickers You May See this Summer by Paul Leiffer
ARTICLE: "Incisive Observations" by Kay Lindskoog
BOOKS: The Worldly Evangelicals by Richard Quebedeaux; Splendor in the Ordinary by Thomas Howard; Lust, The Other Side of Love by Mel White review done by a reader of The Door
MOVIES: The Boys in Company C, Coming Home, The Last Waltz
CARTOON: Couple on date by Dan Pegoda

#44 August/September 1978 (bound photocopy)
Money Issue

CARTOON: Bake sale by Den Hart
EDITORIAL: "Consumer Religion" by Ben Patterson
LOSER: Ralph Wilkerson for stating Idi Amin is a nice fellow
FEATURE: Reward for lost ball of gold thrown out of heaven
INTERVIEW: Larry Holben, screenwriter re poverty, world economy
FEATURE: "How to spend $15,000,000.00" by Wayne Rice
FEATURE: Computerized personal letter from Jerry Falwell
ARTICLE: "How to Respond to the Pitch" by Dave Sheffel
FEATURE: Invest in the Lord's Work
ARTICLE: C. Davis Weyerhaeuser
ARTICLES: A TRIOLOGY = "On Fund Raising" anonymous; "On Money & Garden Grove" by Ken Edelman; "On Riches" by Ken Bryfogle
BOOKS: Property and Riches in the Early Church by Martin Hengel
MOVIES: Born Again, Heaven Can Wait, Grease, Revenge of the Pink Panther, Capricorn One
FEATURE: Financial Planning in the Ghetto -- Bob & Peggy Lupton

#45 October/November 1978 (bound photocopy)
Christian Booksellers Association Convention

EDITORIAL: "On the Making of Many Books" by Ben Patterson
LOSER: Born Again Products
CARTOON: Priest reading Total Woman by Tom Finley
ARTICLE: "Books, Bucks and the 'Born Again' Boom-Notes on the C.B.A. Convention" by W. Ward Gasque
CARTOON: Calvary Baptist Church by Den Hart
INTERVIEW: Marlin Van Elderen, managing editor of The Reformed Journal
ARTICLE: "Evangelical Publishing..." by Larry Brooks
INTERVIEW: Richard Baltzell, editorial director for Fleming Revell Co.
FEATURE: Bestseller Game by Tom Finley
INTERVIEW: Robert DeVries, Vice President of Zondervan
CARTOON: A look at contemporary Christian publications by Den Hart
FEATURE: News reports of Idi Amin being born again
FEATURE: "Previews of Coming Attractions" by Wayne Rice & Tic Long
CARTOON: Hal Lindsey 25 years from now
BOOKS: How to Read Slowly by James Sire; The West Point Fitness and Diet Book by Col. James L. Anderson & Martin Cohen
MOVIES: No Longer Alone, The Buddy Holly Story, Foul Play

#46 December '78/January '79 (bound photocopy)
Theologian of the Year

EDITORIAL: "Steve Martin, A Man for Our Season" by Ben Patterson
FEATURE: "Worship Service" by Virginia Hustedt
FEATURE: Quotes from Theologian of the Year, Steve Martin
BACK DOOR: by W.D. Moen
FEATURE: "The Commandments of Me, Delivered to Man by a Man in Marin County" by Tim Stafford
INTERVIEW: David Hubbard re church in l978, forgiveness, rebuking, seminaries, marriage & divorce
CARTOON: Church bought an elephant by Den Hart
LOSER: Rev. Paul Lindstrom, Church of Christian Liberty, for missionary evangelism--guerrilla warfare
ARTICLE: "The Rheumalites" by Bill DeWitt (cult, sect)
MOCK INTERVIEW: "The Right Reverend Doctor Swami Joseph Abdule Lincoln asks himself some very TOUGH QUESTIONS" by John C. Moyer
BOOKS: The Last Year of the War by Shirley Nelson, Don't Waste Your Time in Worship by James L. Christensen, A Special
Kind of Belonging by Dr. Herb Wagemaker
MOVIES: Interiors; Up in Smoke; The Big Fix
SONG: "The Happy Sounds of Christmas" by Larry Finger

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