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1971-74 (Issues 1-22)
1975-78 (23-46)
1979-82 (47-70)
1983-86 (71-94)
1987-90 (95-115)
1991-94 (116-138)
1995-98 (139-161)
1999-present (162- )


#47 February/March l979 (bound photocopy)
Christian Counseling

EDITORIAL: "The Tower of Psychobabble" by Ben Patterson
INTERVIEW: Gary Collins re Christian counseling
CARTOON: Counseling session on church pew by Dan Pegoda
LOSER: C.S. Lovett Collection Letter
ARTICLE: "Power Counseling for Pastors" by Charles M. Poobaugh, Ph.D.
ARTICLE: "Thank You, Dr. Watrous!" by Kay Lindskoog
ARTICLE: "Anyone Can Play" by Kay Lindskoog
BOOKS: Celebration of Discipline by Richard J. Foster, Common Roots by Robert Webber, Referral in Pastoral Counseling by William B. Oglesby
MOVIES: Watership Down; Lord of the Rings, Pt 1; Superman; California Suite; Every Which Way But Loose; Paradise Alley
FEATURE: "The First Thing that Came into Our Mind/More Wittenburg Door Ink Blots" by Dan Pegoda & Erik Nelson

#48 April/May l979 (bound photocopy)
Rock and Roll

EDITORIAL: "The Role of Rock" by Ben Patterson
CARTOON: Organist who is ghoulish by Den Hart
LOSER: Virtue Magazine
ARTICLE: ABCs of Rock and Roll
ARTICLE: "Rockin' at the Arena" by Denny Rydberg
INTERVIEW: Dennis Benson
ARTICLE: "Top 12" by J. Howard Mettee
BOOKS: "Mother & Daughter, Two Reviews" Phyllis Alsdurf reviews My Mother, My Self, Autumn Sonata
CARTOON: Little girl listening to "sexy" song
MOVIES: The Deerhunter, Invasion of the Body Snatchers; The Soldier of Orange; The Picture Show Man
INTERVIEW: Freddie "Fab" Frakowski
MOCK AD: Dr. Winfield and The Tuttes Latest Album: "Pews"

#49 June/July l979 (bound photocopy)
Wacko Issue

ARTICLE: "A Guide to the Cults" by Daniel DePrez
FEATURE: Extra Terrestrial Sex: Is It Biblical? by Dr. Bob Brewster
FEATURE: Door Gossip Column: "Wanda Ritchie's Body Life"
ARTICLE: "A Theological Explanation as to Why Women Only Should Do Housework" by Patricia Gundry
LOSER: Dr. Bernard Harland for his book, "The Voice of the Olive Tree, Inc."
ARTICLE: "The Death of the Born-Again Movement" by Will Eisenhower
CARTOON: Maffia paying visit to church visitors
ARTICLE: "The Golden Agers" by William D. Thompson
CARTOONS: "The Door Stops" by Dan Pegoda: Jesus and disciples being painted; Church bulletin board; guy praying using really bunch of times
ARTICLE: "A Green Flag on Sunday"
ARTICLE: "Basic Primer to Testimony Giving" booklet by Dr. Morgan Groethe
FEATURE: "There was an ol' chap named Vanauken..." quotes of Sheldon Vanauken
BACK DOOR: by Mike Yaconelli re appetite for time
ARTICLE: "Jake's Place Revisited" by Sheldon Vanauken
INTERVIEW: Sheldon Vanauken re Severe Mercy, C.S. Lewis, death
EDITORIAL: "The Gallup Syndrome" by Ben Patterson

#50 August/September l979 (bound photocopy)

EDITORIAL: "A Marriage Proposal" by Ben Patterson
ARTICLE: "All Those in Favor of Gun Control...Hands Up!" by Januaryet Trapp Lunik
LOSER: United Methodist Church's divorce ceremony
INTERVIEW: Lewis Smedes re divorce, church response, church leadership
ARTICLE: "One Fine Evening at the Church Softball Game" by Wayne Rice
ARTICLE: "An Open Letter to You, Church" by Patricia Chavez
POEM: "Alone and it's Winter" by Bob DeVries
POEM: "The Struggle" by Robert K. DeVries
CARTOON: "The Tear" by Dan Pegoda of boys talking about divorced parents
ARTICLE: "Unmanacled" by Phil Horschler
CARTOON: Marriage ceremony by Dan Pegoda
ARTICLE: "The Gospel According to Dylan" by Larry Thomas
(MOCK) SOME BOOKS THAT SHOULDN'T BE READ: Born Again and Again and Again by Charles Colson and Eldridge Cleaver; These Two Shall Pass by Terry Bradshaw and Roger Staubach; Praise the Lord, I'm Seriously Ill by Merlin Carothers; The Whole Counsel of God: A Commentary on Every Book Ever Written by Tim & Beverly LaHaye; The Zondervan Pictorial Translation of the Holy Scriptures by Merrill Tenney; What Pets Wished Their Masters Knew About Them by James Dobson; Maher-shalal-has-baz: Man of Destiny by Eugenia Price
BACK DOOR: "Confessionalism" by Mike Yaconelli
MOCK AD: The Christian Divorce Kit

#51 October/November 1979 (bound photocopy)
Social Concern

EDITORIAL: "Social Conscience & Social Conscientiousness" by Ben Patterson
CARTOON: "Sisters and Brothers" re eating less by Joel Kauffmann
FEATURE: Wanda Ritchie's Body Life
APOLOGY: To United Methodist Church does not have an official divorce ceremony which was given green weenie in previous issue
ARTICLE: "The Eternal Concern" by Jo Newell
INTERVIEW: Ron Sider re social justice, the poor
MOCK MAGAZINE: "Sobouring" December '79
LOSER: Mike Kuzma, Director of the United Christian Distributors, for his letters to suppliers to not sue him
CARTOON: "What can one man do?" mass of people saying this by Dan Pegoda
POEM: "Salt of the Earth" by Patrick Hunt
POEM: "Thanksgiving Performance" by Darlene Litz
INTERVIEW: Tony Campolo re Crisis in the Caribbean
BACK DOOR: "Radical Fundamentalism" by Mike Yaconelli

#52 December '79/January '80 (bound photocopy)
Special After Christmas Issue!

EDITORIAL: "Where Have You Gone, Joe DiMaggio?" by Ben Patterson
CARTOON: Prof Burlington I. Raphanias, Ph.D. by McNair
ARTICLE: "Asking Questions--The Domain of Theology" by Rev. Gil Key Gamesh, Jr.
HYMNS: Hymns That Say What We Mean = "Money, Money, Money," "Power in the Purse," "Give More," "To Us Give Your Money"
by Jim Beal and Wayne Rice
ARTICLE: "A Christian Fable" by Robert M. Price
ARTICLE: "Good Humor" by Larry Walker
LOSER OF THE MONTH: Dr. Jess C. Moody's (pastor of 1st Baptist Church of Van Nuys, CA) insight on Iranian crisis--"The Contrast is Obvious"
INTERVIEW: Frederick Buechner--on his books Wishful Thinking, Telling the Truth, being "born-again," bible reading, etc.
MOCK AD: Christian Classifieds by Greg Henry
ARTICLE: "The Importance of Failure" by Susan Leonardi
ARTICLE: "Ecclesiastical Entertainers, Inc"
ARTICLE: "Buechnerography"by Larry Thomas
BACK DOOR: 'Thanks for the Ministry"
ARTICLE: "Dear Worldly Christians..." by Steven E. Robinson
CARTOON: "My alter calls have improved considerably since I began giving out free gas as a bonus." by Joel
CARTOON: "The Gentleman in the second pew says he's in the mood for a white wine." by Joel

#53 February/March l980 (bound photocopy)
"The Bout for the Bible"

EDITORIAL: "The Battle for the Tent" by Ben Patterson (reprint from past)
GAME: "Match the Bible to the Hype" by Larry Thomas
REQUEST: "Infallible Council on Biblicists' Inerrancy" by Robert Price
CARTOON: "I'd like to pray that my car comes to know the Lord." by Dan Pegoda
INTERVIEW: THE BOUT FOR THE BIBLE = Harold Linsell and Jack Rogers
CARTOON: "The Day They Kidnapped the Bible, The Strange Case of Fuller Seminary" by Robert Price
LOSER OF THE MONTH: "A Charitable Gift--The Holy Bible"
ARTICLE: "The Reader's Digest Condensed Gospels" by Al Austin
CARTOON: "The World will go on as usual" by Dan Pegoda
FEATURE: "The Some Bibles You May have Missed Catalogue"
ARTICLE: "Udonsaiah" by William David Spencer
FEATURE: "The Most Unsuccessful Version of the Bible" by Stephen Pile
ARTICLE: "The Battle for the Overhead Projector" by Will Eisenhower
BACK DOOR: "A Disturbing Question" (professional Christians, how much do you read the Bible?) MOCK AD: The Wittenburg Door Study Bible

#54 April/May l980 (bound photocopy)
Summer Clearance

EDITORIAL: "A Stirring Among Us" by Ben Patterson
CARTOON: Crystal Cathedral collapsing on Beverly Sills
ARTICLE: "God's Day in Court: All Our Claims" by Kay Lindskoog
FEATURE: "balanced"--a letter to Carol from Marie about being a balanced Christian while married to an unbeliever, by C.B. Field
ARTICLE: "The Queen's English" by Sheldon Vanauken
FEATURE: Don't, Boxes and Born What? by Donna L. May
INTERVIEW: Dick Haverson re gospel, independent, Christian
ARTICLE: "An Apparent Epistle of Aposa the Apostle" by Gene Michael Higney
ARTICLE: "The MONITOR" by Lyle Espenscheid
HERESY OF THE WEEK: Colorado's Best Theological Spa
ARTICLE: "A Parodyphrase of I Corinthians 13" by Steve Dennie
ARTICLE: "Limbo" by January Talbot
FEATURE: "Prayer of the Seminarian" by Daniel B. Wallace
CARTOON: Door 27 Christian Rock Star by McNair
LOSER OF THE MONTH: The Evangelical Marketing Newsletter
FEATURE: "What to do With the Busses" by Door staff
ARTICLE: "Let's Hear it for Bad Preaching" by Rick Casey (reprint)
BACK DOOR: Billiard Ball Relationships

#55 June/July 1980 (bound photocopy)
Patriotic Issue

EDITORIAL: "John Wayne Lives" by Ben Patterson
INTERVIEW: Tim LaHaye--book Battle for the Mind, humanism, Moral Majority, abortion, politics, Carter
ARTICLE: "Why I Won't March With the Moral Majority" by Dave Sheffel
CARTOON: "The real story of...Our founding fathers" by McNair
INTERVIEW: Paul Simon--book Protestant-Catholic Marriages Can Succeed, Moral Majority, Jerry Falwell, Carter
ARTICLE: "A Devout Meditation in Memory of Adolf Eichmann" by Thomas Merton
CARTOON: "Daddy, can we get a Reagan Bush for our backyard?" by McNair
ARTICLE: "Points to Consider About the New Christian Right Wing" by Martin Marty
LOSER OF THE MONTH: The Christian Mother Goose Book
BOOK REVIEW: The Secular Saint by Larry Thomas
BACK DOOR: Evangelical Gigolo by Mike Yaconelli

#56 August/September 1980 (bound photocopy)
Argentinean Issue

EDITORIAL: "Spiritual Directors"
ARTICLE: "There's a New Ministry Born Every Minute" by Will Eisenhower
FEATURE: The many moods of the llama
FEATURE: "Electronic Church I.Q. Test" by Wanda Ritchie
INTERVIEW: Juan Carlos Ortiz, former pastor of largest AOG church in Latin America, re Christ as Lord, American church, vending machine Christianity, authority
LOSER: Ministry Magazine's Article, "Clothing Men of the Cloth" and Mt Clemons Baptist Church fight
FEATURE: "More What to Do With the Busses"
ARTICLE: "My Road to Gluttony and Back" by Lloyd Billingsley
MOCK AD: Church of the Divine Helping
ARTICLE: "A Bruised Read" by Larry J. Walker
MOVIES: Ordinary People
POEM: "Station of the Cross" by Eric Jager
BACK DOOR: "The Problem of Polynesian Dancing" by Mike Yaconelli
ARTICLE: "On Being Taken Advantage Of" by Bob Lupton

#57 October/November 1980 (bound photocopy)

EDITORIAL: "The Image of Unity"
LETTER: from H. Winfield Tutte
CARTOON: "Yes, I see that hand" -- wall covered with clocks by Den Hart
FEATURE: Wanda Ritchie's Body Life
FEATURE: Heresy of the Week--Auntie Nicene's Ecclesiastical Zoo
ARTICLE: "(bound photocopy)-righting the Holy Spirit" by Ben Patterson
INTERVIEW: J. Rodman Williams re charismatics, scripture, book of Acts, tongues, seminaries, Holy Spirit
ARTICLE: "The Healing of My Theology" by Tony Campolo
ARTICLE: "Us and Them, Then and Now" by Barbara Allen
MOCK AD: Aglow--The Holy Roll-On
ARTICLE: "Job and the Answer Man" by Michael Sanders
ARTICLE: "Are You Experienced?" by Larry Thomas
CARTOON: Pentecostal preacher filling people with helium by Den Hart
ARTICLE: "False Glossilalia Glossary" by Craig McNair Wilson
LOSER: Moody Bible Institute's Emergency Instructions
CARTOON: How to succeed in business by speaking in tongues by Christopher
MOVIES: Inside Moves
BOOKS: Baptism in the Holy Spirit by James D. G. Dunn; A Theology of the Holy Spirit by Frederick Dale Bruner; The Pentecostals--The Charismatic Movement in the Churches by Walter Hollenweger; The Holiness Pentecostal Movement by Vinson Synan; The New Charismatics by Richard Quebedeaux; The Holy Spirit in the Life of the Church by Paul D. Opsahl; The Holy Spirit and Power--The Catholic Charismatic Renewal by Kilian McDonnell
BACK DOOR: "The Night the Charismatics Came" by Mike Yaconelli

#58 December '80/January '81 (bound photocopy)
Theologian of the Year—Tammy Faye Bakker

THEOLOGIAN: Tammy Faye Bakker
EDITORIAL: "To Believe Greatly, it is Necessary to Doubt Greatly" by Ben Patterson
CARTOON: Brother Biddle
POEMS: by C. Winsor Wheeler -- "Verity" and "Pastor Wolf"
ARTICLE: "A Taboo Reconsidered" by Bob Lupton
LETTER: from Linda Emery re baptismal fundraiser
FEATURE: Wanda Ritchie's Evangelical Boutique--"Designer Jeans for the Well Dressed Christian"
POEMS: by Simon Jenkins -- "The Evangelical Zoo" and "Rhinoceros"
INTERVIEW: Reinhold Niebuhr re radical journals, righteousness, sermons, ministers, evangelism
FEATURE: "Scenes From a Day in the Life of a Logos Bookstore" by Christopher Fay
FEATURE: "Theattitudes" by Robert R. Castle
LOSER: Bethel Church of San Jose--300 tons of airconditioning, 4089 feet of pews and 33 channel sound system
CARTOON: Brother Biddle by Suggs
ARTICLE: "No Preservatives Added" by Steve Dennie
MOVIES: Mary Poppins
CARTOON: Submissive wife by Timothy Ayers
ARTICLE: "To Miss Lonelyhearts of Miss Lonely Hearts" by Bruce Edwards, Jr.
POEM: "Dr. Goliath" by Dave Steele
BACK DOOR: "Life is Like a Decemberk Chair" by Mike Yaconelli

#59 February/March l981 (bound photocopy)

EDITORIAL: "Don Quixote and the Cults" by Ben Patterson
INTERVIEW: Lewis Rambo re brainwashing, submission, compassion
INTERVIEW: Richard Quebedeaux re Unificationist, Bill Bright, evangelism
INTERVIEW: Ron Enroth re evangelical churches, theology, spiritual power
MOCK AD: Join any 7 cults for 1 cent
CARTOON: Hare Krishnas by Dan Pegoda
LOSER: Luci Bartoli's poetry of Jesus using Old West jargon
FEATURE: Wanda Ritchie's Body Life
ARTICLE: "Survivor of New Cult Found in Desert Muttering" by Erik C. Nelson
CARTOON: City Rescue Mission by McNair
POEM: "The New Plastic Cross" by Paul Spence
FEATURE: "Resources on Cults and New Religious Movements"
CARTOON: Keith Green by McNair
ARTICLE: "Bags and Baggage" by Harold Ivan Smith
BACK DOOR: "The Evangelical P.T. Cult" by Mike Yaconelli

#60 April/May l981 (bound photocopy)

EDITORIAL: "Dirty Jokes" by Ben Patterson
FEATURE: Wanda Ritchie's Body Life Forum
ARTICLE: "Pent-Up Piety and Penthouse Porno" by Will Eisenhower
CARTOON: Brother Biddle
ARTICLE: "Waterbed Witnessing" by Tim Larrick
INTERVIEW: John White re marriage, sex, orgasm, evangelicals, abortion, Adultery, sexual sin
LOSER: Publishers of books on sexual technique
QUOTES: Martin Luther, St. Jerome, St. John Chyrsostom, John Calvin
CARTOON: Social intercourse/social masturbation by Dan Pegoda
ARTICLE: "Sex and the Single Goal" by Erik C. Nelson
MOCK AD: Frederick's of Wheaton
ARTICLE: "Confessions of an Inhibited Minister" by Charles Knox
MOCK AD: Classifieds/Personal
CARTOON: Brother Biddle
ARTICLE: "Ye Must be Porn Again" by Robert M. Price
FEATURE: We Found 'It' Bumper Stickers
BACK DOOR: "Sexual Chauvinism" by Mike Yaconelli

#61 June/July l981 (bound photocopy)
10th Anniversary Issue

INTERVIEW: Door-Keepers reveal the inside story on their first 10 years of publishing
FEATURE: "A Not-So-Affectionate History of Our Second Five Years..."
QUOTES: Re The Door by Bernard Ramm, Richard C. Halverson, John R. Claypool, Fred Rogers, Marabel Morgan, Tony Campolo, Office of Bill Bright, Ronald J. Snider, James Daane, Charlie & Martha Shedd, Robert H. Schuller, Billy Graham, Lewis B. Smedes, Donn D. Morrow, Russ Reid, Hal Lindsey, Jay Kesler, Sheldon Vanauken, Jack Hyles, Bob Jones, Paul Lewis, Jack Sparks, Mel White, Martin Luther, H. Winfield Tutte
ARTICLE: First Keepers of the Door -- Gary Wilburn
ARTICLE: First Keepers of the Door -- Paul Sailhamer
ARTICLE: "High Times at the Hob Nob: Is There Life After The Door?" by Denny Rydberg
WITTENBURG GOLD: Best & Worst of The Door 1971-1981
INTERVIEW: Richard Ostling, religion editor of TIME magazine, re religious press, publications, C. Everett Koop, Moral Majority, Evangelical church
QUOTABLE QUOTES: Stan Mooneyham, John Claypool, Robert Schuller, Richard Halverson, Richard Quebedeaux, Howard Snyder, Larry Holben, Paul Simon, Os Guiness, David Hubbard, Harvey Cox, Lewis Smedes, Ron Sider, Mel White, Juan Carlos Ortiz, Russ Reid, Martin Marty, Reinhold Neibuhr, Lewis Rambo, Frederick Buechner, Ladon Sheats, Robert Munger, James Daane, Bill Bright, Earl Palmer, Malcolm Boyd, Bill Milliken
FEATURE: Door Firsts
ARTICLE: "Confessions of a Juvenile Wittenburg Door Addict" by J.S. age 16

#62 August/September l981 (bound photocopy)
After Sex Issue

CARTOON: Church ad wound up in Door by McNair
ARTICLE: "Of Evangelicals and Fads" by James F. Sennett
LOSER: Rev. Wymer jolting younsters into believing about God
ARTICLE: "Prophets of the Night" by Bruce Edwards, Jr.
POEM: "Porcupine Love" by Rod Sykes
ARTICLE: "The Promise" by William David Spencer
FEATURE: Linda Emery Ministries letter
ARTICLE: "The Three Christian Bears" by Irwin Barker
ARTICLE: "C.S. Lewis & Evangelical Ambivalence" by Jerry L. Walls
ARTICLE: "Q & A with Reverend Righteous" by L.J. Holman
ARTICLE: "God Drops Out of Active Work" by Mike Murphy
CARTOON: Brother Biddle
ARTICLE: "The First Church of Me Christians" by David Downing
BOOKS: The Inflated Self by David G. Myers
BACK DOOR: "For Theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven" by Bob Lupton

#63 October/November l981 (bound photocopy)
End Times Issue

EDITORIAL: "The Paperback Apocalypse" by Robert M. Price
INTERVIEW: Ben Patterson re second coming, liberal & conservative position, prediction, Earl Palmer, view of future
ARTICLE: "Shall We Gather at the Deep Freeze?" by Will Eisenhower
ARTICLE: "On Being Crazy" by Dave Wimbish
CARTOON: Mormon Church raptured by Robert M. Price
FEATURE: "Jim McBeaver's Tribulation Survival Diary" by Lloyd Billingsley
CARTOON: Brother Biddle
INTERVIEW: Chuck Smith, Calvary Chapel, last days, timing of return, Moral Majority
LOSER: Unlocking Your Bowels and Bank Account
ARTICLE: "In Case of Rapture, I Take it All Back!" by Ed Gouedy
CARTOON: Rupture sermon
ARTICLE: "The Great Escape" by Tom Sine
FEATURE: "Dictionary of Eschatological Terms"

#64 December '81/January '82 (bound photocopy)
Polka Issue

EDITORIAL: "How to Not How to" by Ben Patterson
CARTOON: Francis Schaeffer message by Doug Peterson
CARTOON: Pastor's wife fired by Mouton Chamberg
ARTICLE: "In St. Patrick's Cathedral" by Richard Zboray
INTERVIEW: Robert Webber, professor at Wheaton, re Moral Majority, the church, civil religion, cult of personality, evangelism, moralism
LOSER: Living Word Pendent
ARTICLE: "Preppies on the Move" by Christopher Keating
POEM: "The Selling of the Gospel" by Carmen Poulos Bergman
CARTOON: Cooking with Christ by McNair
ARTICLE: "Button, Button, Who's Got the Button?" by James Shoopman
FEATURE: Dot to dot of Jerry Falwell
ARTICLE: "Psych Sideshows and Sirens" by Skip Johnson
POEM: "Doing Good From the Inside Out" by Larry Finger
POEM: "Twenty-third Psalm for Campers" by Stan Paregien
CARTOON: Liberal seminary--free from taboos by Robert M. Price
ARTICLE: "Church Death America" by Will Eisenhower
CARTOON: White church/black church singing "we are one in the spirit" by Doug Peterson
ARTICLE: "Let Us Pray" by Doug Vinson
MOCK AD: Youth Intimidation Training
ARTICLE: "A Matter of Sufficiency" by Steve Dennie
BACK DOOR: "How Should We Then Brush?" by Mike Yaconelli

#65 February/March l982 (bound photocopy)
Sunday School's 202nd Anniversary

EDITORIAL: "Sunday School Parents" by Ben Patterson
CARTOON: Father on way to golf course dropping kids at church
CARTOON: Brother Biddle
ARTICLE: "The Wittenburg Door's First and Last Annual Sunday School Anecdote Contest" by Rev. Donly E. Ray
ARTICLE: "One Fine Day Behind the Woodshed" by Joel Rasmussen
ARTICLE: "Theological Westerns" by Skip Johnson
CARTOON: Jesus' Baptismal Certificate by Dave Bam
APOLOGY: To Charlie and Martha Shedd
INTERVIEW: John Westerhoff re Sunday School, education, human needs, program, Christian education, communion, faith, Catholic church
LOSER: Divorce Ring
POEM: "Christian Ghetto" by Michael A. Sares
FEATURE: "Famous Sunday School Teachers"
CARTOON: Sunday school lesson on ADam & Eve by Sandy Silverthorne
BOOKS: Review of John Westerhoff's books
BACK DOOR: "Whirlybird Education" by Mike Yaconelli

#66 April/May 1982 (bound photocopy)
Lifestyles Issue

EDITORIAL: "Obedience is the Opener of Eyes" by Ben Patterson
POEM: "The Liberation of Leisure" by Carmen Poulos Bergman
ARTICLE: "The Great Dance Debate" by Barbara Allen
CARTOON: Jesus re rummage sale by Durrand
FEATURE: News Briefs
INTERVIEW: Tom Sine, futurist, urban explosion in the 3rd world, arms race, economics, technology, TV, materialism, ministry
FEATURE: Video Arcade
ARTICLE: "Keeping in Step With the Times" by Dave Sheffel & Tic Long
MOCK AD: The Valley Bible
ARTICLE: "Reading for Survival" by Daniel Taylor
LOSER: Christian nudist colony and Praise-r-cise
PROFILES: Dr. Stanley Power and Homer Sneed
POEM: "The Songwriter Never Says...He Sings" by Cathy Ray-Tubbs
ARTICLE: "And Now...Bruce Cockburn" by Bill McNabb
CARTOON: Church of the Almighty Buck by Doug Peterson
BACK DOOR: "Agree to Disagree" by Bob Lupton

#67 June/July l982 (bound photocopy)
Catholic Issue

CARTOON: Sunday school scene anti-Catholic by Den Hart
EDITORIAL: "Pax Vobiscum" by Ben Patterson
CARTOON: Brother Biddle
FEATURE: News Briefs
ARTICLE: "Minutes of the Last Parish Council Meeting Ever Held at Saint Michael-Mouse Roman Catholic Church" by Randy Kowalik
ARTICLE: "The Inerrancy of Chick" by Dave Wimbish
INTERVIEW: Andrew Greeley re movie "Monsignor," preaching, lay ministers, confession, catholicism, protestantism, scripture, ecumenism
ARTICLE: "Big Name Catholics" by Erik Nelson, Kraig Klaudt, Skip Johnson
CARTOON: Conehead pope by Bundschuh
ARTICLE: "Confessions of an Ex-Protestant" by Linda Sue Miller
CARTOON: Catholic church by Silverthorne
ARTICLE: "Shepherding the Flock, The Archbishop's Advice" by Randy Kowalik
CARTOON: Dear Abbey by Silverthorne
ARTICLE: "The Blessed St. Bingo" by Robert Price
ARTICLE: "Picks of the Papacy" by Skip Johnson
LOSER: Electronic votive candles
BOOKS: review of Flannery O'Connor's books
QUOTES: Flannery O'Connor
CARTOON: Painting church ceiling by Silverthorne
BACK DOOR: "Evangelical Arrogance" by Mike Yaconelli
MOCK AD: Pope for American Express

#68 August/September l982 (bound photocopy)
Nuclear Issue

EDITORIAL: "Looking for Loopholes" by Ben Patterson
POEM: "Psalm 2023" by Erik C. Nelson
FEATURE: NEWS Briefs--Nuking Named Top Sin
CARTOON: Brother Biddle
LOSER: The Three Bears in the Ministry book
INTERVIEW: Mark Hatfield re competition with Russia, nuclear weapons, People's Movement
CARTOON: Brother Biddle
FEATURE: "Ground Zero: Wheaton" by Kraig Klaudt
ARTICLE: "Hoping Against Hope" by Vernon Grounds
INTERVIEW: Michael Novak re nuclear arms race, nuclear freeze, deterrence systems
ARTICLE: "A Dream (Sometime in the Future)" by Jim Wallis
ARTICLE: "The Wittenburg Door's Answer to the Nuclear Arms Race Planned Nuclear Annihilation Day" by Kraig Klaudt, Tim Larrick & Michael Sanders
MOCK AD: Cold War
INTERVIEW: William Sloan Coffin re communism, capitalism, Jesus, disarmament
CARTOON: Tomb of the Unknown Suburb by Klaudt
REVIEW: The Courage to Love by William Sloan Coffin
BACK DOOR: "Gold Streets and Hemorrhoids" by Mike Yaconelli
CARTOON: Angels watching earth blow by Dan Pegoda

#69 October/November l982 (bound photocopy)
Tabloid Issue

EDITORIAL: "The New Gnostics" by Jeff Wells
CARTOON: Church cutting missions budget by Doug Peterson
POEM: "Suffer the Little Children" by Les Campbell
ARTICLE: "Top That Testimony" by Paul Lintern
POEM: "A Question of Style" by James F. Sennett
ARTICLE: "A Symbol of Freedom" by Lee Jones
CARTOON: Singer threatening to sue by Den Hart
INTERVIEW: Dr. Martin Marty re revitalization of piety, Christian action, Francis Schaeffer, Christian motivation, death
CARTOON: Wild locusts and honey
POEM: "Necessities" by Michelle Van Loon
CARTOON: Faith healer-hemorrhoids by Den Hart
ARTICLE: "Tim's Ten Crusades" by Tim Reynold
ARTICLE: "A Parable--Albert Learns More than Expected at Fishing Study" by Marvin D. Hinten
LOSER: Oral Robert's fundraiser letter
CARTOON: Brother Biddle
ARTICLE: "Spotlight on Alumni Achievers" by Debi Meier
MOCK AD: Wilcock Method Christian best-sellers
ARTICLE: "You and Your Finances--Thoughts Concerning the Last Great Tax Audit" by Greg Demmitt
FEATURE: TV Guidepost by Kraig Klaudt
CARTOON: Priests fastings and drinking beer by Mouton Chambers
FEATURE: "Noah Webster's 'New Life' Dictionary Quiz" by Joel Rasmussen
ARTICLE: "My Heart--Elderly Couple Visit Healing Evangelist-The Untold Story" by L.J. Holman
ARTICLE: "A New Proposal for the Church Year..." by LeRoy Koopman
BACK DOOR: "Avoiding Flubs" by Mike Yaconelli
POEM: "Old Lion" by Elva McAllister

#70 December '82/January '83 (bound photocopy)
We Love Fundies

EDITORIAL: "The Irony of Fundamentalism" by Ben Patterson
CARTOON: Speak American like Jesus by Den Hart
CARTOON: The day they all got together by McNair
FEATURE: News Briefs
ARTICLE: "Fundies Aren't So Bad" by Will Eisenhower
FEATURE: "The Bob Jones University A-to-Z Consumer Guide" by Dave McElfresh
ARTICLE: "The Pool of Unshed Tears" by Linda Sue Miller
INTERVIEW: Eddie Dobbins re fundamentalists, Christians, Harvey Cox, Jerry Falwell
CARTOON: God's dispensational plan for the ages by Robert Price
ARTICLE: "I Was a Teenager Fundamentalist" including Clark H. Pinnock, Richard Quebedeaux, Fisher Humphries, Thomas Howard, Sharon Gallagher, Richard V. Pierard, C.T. McIntire, Letha Dawson Scanzoni, Bill Pannell, Dave Sheffel
INTERVIEW: George M. Marsden re fundamentalists, theology, humanism, Bob Jones, Jerry Falwell
FEATURE: Legalism Bible College application
ARTICLE: "Should I Marry Outside My Faith?" by Montmorency Inerrancy
CARTOON: Brother Biddle
LOSER: Christian Dating Club
ARTICLE: "Taking the Fun Out of Fundies" by William H. Willimon
CARTOON: Mentalist/Fundamentalist by Suggs
BACK DOOR: "Fundamentalism: A Monumental Waste of Time" by Mike Yaconelli
CARTOON: The Fundy Within by Dan Pegoda

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