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1971-74 (Issues 1-22)
1975-78 (23-46)
1979-82 (47-70)
1983-86 (71-94)
1987-90 (95-115)
1991-94 (116-138)
1995-98 (139-161)
1999-present (162- )


#71 February/March l983 (bound photocopy)
Theology Issue

EDITORIAL: "A Splendid Arrangement" by Ben Patterson
ARTICLE: "Door Keeper Makes Good" by Mike Yaconelli
ARTICLE: "Shrouds, Socks and Raingear" by Skip Johnson
LOSER: Oil Rig Crucifix
FEATURE: News Briefs
INTERVIEW: Robert Capon re theologians, gospel, morality, eschatology
POEM: "Christian Career Opportunities" by Ginger Dollarhide
CARTOON: Pharaoh receiving weather report by Silverthorne
FEATURE: "101 Things to do During a Dull Sermon" by Sims, Pegoda
ARTICLE: "Israelite Obesity" by Banner, Campbell, Helmer & Henderson
ARTICLE: "Which Way to Jesus?" by W.D. Moen
POEM: "Lifeguard" by Elva McAllaster
INTERVIEW: Rev. Bernie Jameson re backmasking
BOOKS: Robert Capon's Between Noon and Three and Hunting the Divine Fox
CARTOON: Brother Biddle
BACK DOOR: "The Dilema of Grace" by Mike Yaconelli

#72 April/May l983 (bound photocopy)
Feminist Issue

EDITORIAL: "A Feminine Faith" by Ben Patterson
COMIC: "Adam and Eve" by Dan Pegoda
Mock AD: Aerobic Aggression!
NEWS by O'Shea: "Sexist" Beach Blanket Bible Film
ARTICLE: "What Makes A Woman Happy?" by Linda Emery
CARTOON: Eden, Inc by Doug Peterson
POEM: "Last week You Passed Busy Main St. Late" by C.P. Bergman
INTERVIEW: Roberta Hestenes re women in the church, ministry, Gospel, Christian teaching
Truth is Stranger than Fiction
ARTICLE: "The Mother Goose Nobody Knows" by O'Shea
ARTICLE: "Our Parent Which Art in Heaven" by Robert M. Price
CARTOON: Wife shooting at husband to get attention by Dave Ball
Mock AD: Today's Christian Feminist
ARTICLE: "The First Church of Tootsie" by Spencer & Spencer
COMIC: Brother Biddle by Suggs
CARTOON: Inclusify by Dan Pegoda
ARTICLE: "Macho Feminism" by Jean Caffey Lyles
LOSER: Anita Bryant & silent witness sunglasses
BACK DOOR: "The Sounds of Liberation" by Bill McNabb
CARTOON: ADam & Eve pt 2 by Dan Pegoda

#73 June/July l983 (bound photocopy)
Guinness Stout

EDITORIAL: "All the Bible that Fits" by Ben Patterson
NEWS by O'Shea: World Council of Churches Feared to Support Communists
CARTOON: IRS by Doug Peterson
CARTOON: Crossing out stuff in Bible by McNair
Mock AD: What Will you do About...(Turkeyless Thanksgiving)
ARTICLE: "Plotting the Resurrection" by James Munroe
POEM: "The Pharisee and the Publican" by Mark R. Littleton
ARTICLE: "One Night of Passion/Lifetime of Pain" by Lynda Stephenson
POEM: "Safer Places" by Roy Rivenburg
LOSER: Pierre Bedard and God's Would, Inc. Bible Amusement Park
INTERVIEW: Os Guinness re secularization, prosperity, technology, para-church ministries, discipleship, conservativism, politics
CARTOON: Ark vs. Titanic by Nick Butterworth
CARTOON: Christian bookshop by Nick Butterworth
CARTOON: Evangelism center's computer by Nick Butterworth
Truth is Stranger than fiction
Mock AD: Drive in Church
CARTOON: Brother Biddle by Suggs
FEATURE: "Increase Your Bible Word Power" by Andrew Woodling
ARTICLE: "Entertaining Observations" by James F. Sennett
BACK DOOR: "Obsession with Guilt" by Mike Yaconelli

#74 August/September l983 (bound photocopy)
Evil Issue

EDITORIAL: "What Do You Say?" by Ben Patterson
CARTOON: Satan getting counseling by Dan Pegoda
ARTICLE: "The Colors of Evil" by Cheryl Forbes
POEM: "Tiny Devil" by Dan Pegoda
POEM: "Evil" by Jacqueline Alger
ARTICLE: "What is the Greatest Evil" by Roy Rivenburg
INTERVIEW: Scott Peck re faith, evil people
QUOTES: Re evil by Tony Campolo, John Claypool, Kari Torjesen Malcolm, Paul Tournier, Robert Capon, Frederick Buechner, C. S. Lewis
CARTOON: People & Satan in line by Dan Pegoda
LOSER: Rev. Ewing/con artistry
CARTOON: Brother Biddle by Suggs
ARTICLE: "Ain't it Awful" by Dana Alexander
Truth is Stranger than Fiction
ARTICLE: "The Princeton Chainsaw Massacre" by Will Eisenhower
Mock AD: "Church Dissension Catalog" by Rivenburg, Harrison
ARTICLE: "The Sin of Manipulation" by Bob Lupton
ARTICLE: "Coming Attractions" by John Kitts
SCREEN DOOR: Books reviewed by Bill McNabb
PEOPLE OF THE LIE by M. Scott Peck, M.D.
POEM: Butwut Ie Need Es Speed Dan Pegoda
BACK DOOR: "The Nightmare of A God Who Did It" by Mike Yaconelli

#75 October/November l983 (bound photocopy)
Theologian of the Year

ARTICLE: Theologian of the Year
EDITORIAL: "Don't Get Mad, Get Even" by Ben Patterson
CARTOON: Colombian connection by W. Balda
COMIC: bumper stickers by Michael Friend
NEWS by O'Shea: New Program to Stop Smoking Promises Big Results
ARTICLE: "The Big, Big Party" by Malcolm MacRury
POEM: "If I Were to Scream" by Brian Elroy McKinley
INTERVIEW: John Stott re preaching, preachers, pastors, Holy Spirit
FEATURE: Slogan Theology by Will Eisenhower
COMIC: Brother Biddle's Tips on Preaching by Suggs
CARTOON: Bedtime story by Christopher
DARE: worst looking car actually driven by a minister
FEATURE: "The 20 Minute Worship Workout" by Jim Walton
ARTICLE: "Setting the Captives Free?" by David Wimbish
POEM: "Water Into Wine" by Mark R. Littleton
AD: Door Tee Shirt
ARTICLE: "The Pastor Who Would Be King" by Doug Peterson
LOSER: Jimmy Swaggart and His Church Growth Satellite Network
SCREEN DOOR: Music reviewed by John W. Whitehead
BACK DOOR: "The Big Lie" by Mike Yaconelli

#76 December '83/January '84 (bound photocopy)
Media Issue

EDITORIAL: "What's News" by Ben Patterson
Door DARE: Most unusual interruption of a church service witnessed
ARTICLE: "Confessions of a Religion Writer" by Terry Mattingly
CARTOON: Electronic church by Doug Peterson
ARTICLE: "To Tell the Truth" by Francine Phillips
INTERVIEW: George Cornell & Dave Anderson re Biblical illiteracy, press accuracy, TV evangelist, black churches, church leadership
CARTOON: Lions by McNair
ARTICLE: On the Record: Russ Chandler, Louis Moore
INSERT: The Daily Trumpet: Christians in Space, Gothard Readies for Trip to El Salvador, Church Robe Delay, Nuclear War Breaks Out in Europe, Concerning Mints and Make up, Vital Statistics, Church of Christ Passes the Time, National Forecast, Return of Pastor Wayne Stirs Lutheran Audience, Church Dining Around Town, News, God Reveals Winning Play at Rose Bowl, Official Olympics Church Has Been Chosen, Vision Is Still on Top, New Doors Open for Harris, Tidwell
INTERVIEW: Cal Thomas re liberals, Moral Majority, conservatives, censorship
CARTOON: Bowling party by Dan Pegoda
ARTICLE: "The Layman's Guide to Religious News" by Billy Bob Meeker
LOSER: Longview Christian Academy/No baseball with Catholics
COMIC: Brother Biddle by Suggs
NEWS Briefs/ O'Shea
BACK DOOR: "Thou Shalt Have No Other Celebrities Before Thee" by Mike Yaconelli

#77 February/March l984 (bound photocopy)
The New Racism

EDITORIAL: "The Heart of Racism" by Jean Caffey Lyles
COMIC: Wilfred by Dan Pegoda
NEWS Briefs: Afro American Awareness Goes Awry/ O'Shea
POEM: "The American Caste System" by Roy Rivenburg
POEM: "A Psalm By Any Other Name..." by Erik C. Nelson
"No Virginia" by Ann Harrison
ARTICLE: "Black Flight" by Lloyd Billingsley
LOSER: The God Box
ARTICLE: "It Took Me A Long Time to Notice" by Larry Finger
AD: Church Doll House
INTERVIEW: James Cone re black church, theology
CARTOON: Jesus re black flocks by McNair
INTERVIEW: Clandion Carney re racism
FEATURE: Just How Bigoted are You? Examination by Tom Finley
ARTICLE: "What New Racism" by James F. Sennett
CARTOON: Back of the bust by Dan Pegoda
POEM: "No Virginia" by Ann Harrison
COMIC: Brother Biddle by Suggs
Door DARE: dumbest line from a Christian song
ARTICLE: "Surviving in the City Dominican Style" by William David Spencer
ARTICLE: "Arizona: A Reason for Joy" by Tim Larrick
CLIP: "The Tylers" by Craig McNair Wilson
ARTICLE: "Costas on Compassion"
AD: Door Tee Shirt
BACK DOOR: "The People of Fear" by Mike Yaconelli

#78 April/May l984

EDITORIAL: "The Methods to His Mad-ness" by Ben Patterson
FEATURE: Fun QUOTES from "Modern Man" -- Franky Schaeffer
ARTICLE: "The Schaeffers at Nyack" by Robert Longman Jr.
LOSER: Ms. Sandys, Right Rev. James Park Morton, St. Christa on the Cross
ARTICLE: "My Life with Franky Schaeffer" by Dale Suderman
Mock AD: 101 Things to Do During A Dull Sermon
ARTICLE: "Someone Else's Mail Dept." by Rickard Lovelace
INTERVIEW: Franky Schaeffer re name calling, ecumenism, Jerry Falwell, humility
COMIC: Brother Biddle by Suggs
NEWS Briefs/ O'Shea: Bad News for Modern Kids
Door DARE: photos of most unsightly church building
ARTICLE: "The Unmaking of Francis Schaeffer" by Richard Pierrard
COMIC: H. Winfield Tutte Discusses the Issue
AD: Door Tee Shirt
BACK DOOR: "A Not So Fitting Memorial" by Mike Yaconelli

#79 June/July l984
Regular Issue

EDITORIAL: "The Gospel According to Sasson" by Dana Alexander
CARTOON: Brother Biddle Collection
ARTICLE: "Of Law and Lunch" by Robert Farrar Capon
DARE: Picture of Door in the most unusual place
CARTOON: Republican version of triumphal entry by Mouton Chambers
CARTOON: TV evangelism repair truck by Dan Pegoda
INTERVIEW: R.C. Sproul re art, anti-intellectual, sin, culture
FEATURE: Christian Films We'd Like to See by Ben Sharpton
ARTICLE: "A Brush with Open-Mindedness" by Jerry M. Smith
ARTICLE: "Some Good Ol' American Memory Verses" by Den Hart
ARTICLE: "COMPUFEL" by Daniel Kain
Mock AD: The Many Moods of the Door T-shirt
AD: Things To Do During A Dull Sermon
ARTICLE: "On Tolerable Tares" by Bob Lupton
LOSER: Rev. Jim Whittington/threatening fundraising letter
NEWS by O'Shea: Strange disappearances in Church "Triangle"
BACK DOOR: "A Case for Blubbering" by Mike Yaconelli
CARTOON: Top Secret Conference by Hart
CARTOON: Church sign: No shirt, no shoes, no service by Koehler

#80 August/September l984 (bound photocopy)
The Wauhobs

EDITORIAL: "Art and The Altar Call" by David Edwards
QUOTES: John Fischer, Randy Stonehill, Ray Ware, Steve Camp
CARTOON: Brother Biddle
QUOTES: Randy Stonehill, Ray Ware, John Fischer, Steve Camp
ARTICLE: "Randy Notes" by Dan Pegoda
ARTICLE: "Whatever Happened to Singing" by Les Christie
ARTICLE: "What's in a Name?" by Robert Farrar Capon
CLIP: "Official Playist" by Erik C. Nelson
INTERVIEW: T Bone Burnett re merchandising the Gospel, Christianity, abortion
LOSER: B.J. and the D.J.
NEWS: "No Comment" from Keaggy on Latest Album/ O'Shea
MUSIC REVIEW: The Wauhobs by Bob Darden
BACK DOOR: "No More Musicspeak" by Mike Yaconelli

#81 October/November l984 (bound photocopy)
Modern Christian Music Pt 2 Steve Taylor

EDITORIAL: "Why Are We Doing This Anyway?" by John W. Styll
MOCK AD: Mr. Accordian
DARE: Picture of pastor or spouse that looks like someone famous
INTERVIEW: Steve Taylor re ministry, song writing, Christian music
CARTOON: Brother Biddle
ARTICLE: "Wacko Gospel" by Gerald Blalock
LOSER: Zondervan & Serenade Saga Books/ Christian Romance Novels
INTERVIEW: Amy Grant re music, sexuality, crossing over, preaching
ARTICLE: "From The Pastor's Desk" memo by Chuck Westerman
INTERVIEW: Undercover re Christian music industry, Jesus, Dove Awards
MOCK AD: Lad Bob
ARTICLE: "Tammy Sings Wheaton" drama by John Kitts
RECORDS: Charlie Peacock, Michael Card, Jeff Johnson, Mark Heard by Terry Mattingly
BACK DOOR: "The Quietless Society" by Mike Yaconelli

#82 December '84/January '85
From Around the World

EDITORIAL: "The Myth of Consistency" by James F. Sennett
CARTOON: Brother Biddle
ARTICLE: "On Raising the Dead and Making the Bed" by Robert Farrar Capon
CARTOON: Rev shopping by Koehler
CARTOON: Gargoyle by Suggs
ARTICLE: "The Road to Gaza" by David Poling
INTERVIEW: Garrison Keillor re Evangelical Church, evangelists, truth telling, Fundamentalists, ministers, life
DARE: less than $2 for goofiest thing in Bible Book Store
POEM: "Lonely Strangers" by Wally Metts Jr.
ARTICLE: "The Plyars Jigsaw Personality Invoice" by Chuck Westerman
LOSER: Center for Growth in Wholeness, Pizza Hut/Pizza for Lent, Nissenbaums/"marijuana is part of the body...of Christ"
ARTICLE: "Those Wacko New Cults" by Joel Rasmussen
CARTOON: Saved R Us by Weisgerber
CARTOON: Heaven's gate
NEWS by O' Shea: It's the Rural Church
ARTICLE: "The Friendly Church on the Corner" by Richard Maiello
BACK DOOR: "The Tyranny of Trivia" Mike Yaconelli

#83 February/March 1985
Frank Fennimore

EDITORIAL: "Humility" by David Roper
CARTOON: Octopus-I see that hand
ARTICLE: "A Preview of Second Coming Attractions" by Terry Lindvall
AD: Wauhob Album
CARTOON: Brother Biddle
ARTICLE: "Proverbs 31:10 to 31" (contemporary) by Marcia K. Hornok
ARTICLE: "Forgetting to Forget" by Robert Farrar Capon
ARTICLE: "People of the Wordie" by Gerald Morris
LOSER: Hyles Anderson College, Dr. Jack Hyles/Marriage and Motherhood degree
INTERVIEW: Richard John Neuhaus re liberalism, prophecy, Christian publications, post-Christian age
ARTICLE: "My Theosophy" by Erik C. Nelson
ARTICLE: "Michael's Mini Dictionary of 20th Century Church Slang" by Michael Sanders
ARTICLE: "A Conversation with Brother Reginald Hotchkiss" by Chuck Westerman
NEWS by O'Shea: Catholics and Lutherans Act Nicer to Each Other
CARTOON: Song of Solomon by Dan Pegoda
CARTOON: Urge for building drive by Koehler
BACK DOOR: "Evangelical Fat Cats" by Mike Yaconelli

#84 April/May 1985
Substance Abuse in the Church

EDITORIAL: "The Forgotten Addiction" by James Sennett
FEATURE: "Catalogue of Christian Drugs" by David Lynn
ARTICLE: "Untitled" by Anonymous
LOSER: Church of Swing Dancing
CARTOON: The First Last Supper by Larry Thomas and Dan Pegoda
CARTOON: Pastors watering plants by Koehler
INTERVIEW: Dave Rice re church & Addictions, church's fear of contamination, recovery
CARTOON: Brother Biddle
ARTICLE: "High on Jesus" by Robert Price
ARTICLE: "Skim Musings" by Robert Capon
DARE: funny typos in Christian publishing
ARTICLE: "Edward J. Carnell: A Theology of Television as a Controlled Substance" by James D. Smith III
ARTICLE: "There, but for the Grace of God" by Marvin D. Hinten
NEWS by O'Shea: Monumental Drug Problem Revealed
AD: Wauhob Album
CARTOON: Druggies by Suggs
BACK DOOR: "Money Abuse" by Mike Yaconelli

#85 June/July 1985
Heresy in Philadelphia?

ARTICLE: Heresy in Philadelphia? by Dean Nelson, Mike Yaconelli
EDITORIAL: A Questionable Faith by James Sennett
INTERVIEW: Tony Campolo
ARTICLE: It's Sunday and Tony's comin' Up by Robert Capon
NEWS BRIEFS: New Scouting Organization gets underway by O'Shea
ARTICLE:; The Syllogism by George Bailey
CLIP: A Word to the Criticized by David Roper
BACK DOOR: Who is the Enemyby Mike Yaconelli

#86 August/September 1985 (bound photocopy)
Swimsuit Issue

ARTICLE: Gorilla Evangelism by Will Eisenhower
EDITORIAL: The New Predestination/ James F. Sennett
NEWS By O'Shea: President against Practical Jokes
CARTOON: Brother Biddle
INTERVIEW: Calvin Miller
CARTOON: Coming to Terms by Leo Harshorn
LOSER: Biblical Petroleum
ARTICLE: Why Nuclear War Might Not be a Good Idea by Craig Mosher
AD: /dor Shirts
ARTICLE: If Church Newsletters told the Truth by Jetty M. Smith
ARTICLE: Journal by Skip Rutledge
DARE: DARE the Door
BACK DOOR: Pastoral Ego by Mike Yaconelli

#87 October/November 1985
Mid Life Crisis Issue

EDITORIAL: An Unashamedly Philosophical Justification for the Existence of "That Magazine" by James Sennett
LOSER: Heavenly Dolls, Rita Ekder by Baby Jesus Dolls (black and white) halo glows in the dark
CARTOON: Brother Biddle
ARTICLE: I'm on My Way by Ed Newman
ARTICLE; Pietro Madeliene Discuss the Door by Robert Capon
ARTICLE: The Class of '64 by William H. Willimon
ARTICLE: Famous Mid Life Crises by Craig Hergert
Truth is Stranger than Fiction
INTERVIEW: Malcolm Muggeridge
ARTICLE: St. Thomas in Winter by James D. Smith
DARE: most interestingly dressed church goer
ARTICLE: Full Body Massages by Skip Stogsdill
NEWS by O'Shea: Crisis Age Upped
ARTICLE: The Affair
BACK DOOR: Take A Cynic to Lunch by Mike Yaconelli

#88 December'85/January'86
Dogs Who Know the Lord

EDITORIAL: The Gospel According to Peter Pan by James Sennett
LOSER: Adopt a Cow
ARTICLE: Interesting New Churches by Chuck Westerman
INTERVIEW: Henri Nouwen
ARTICLE: Deep Sea Diving by Derek Houcsor
CARTOON: Dogs Who Know the Lord by Dan Pegoda
ARTICLE: A Piece on Spirituality by Robert Capon
ARTICLE: What if the Corinthians Answered Paul's Letters? by Bob Hensler
ARTICLE: One Eunuch is Enough by William Shepherd, Jr.
ARTICLE: Creeping Liberalism by Rick Grant
CARTOON: Brother Biddle by Suggs
NEWS By O'Shea: Wrong Church Building under Scrutiny
POEM: The Violinist's Father by Mark R. Littleton
BACK DOOR: Satire is Risky Business by Mike Yaconelli

#89 February/March 1986 (bound photocopy)
Walter Wangerin?

EDITORIAL: Saved By Doubt by James Sennett
LOSER: At. Peter's Woman's guild Lenten ed series
ARTICLE: The Last Chance by Bradley Hill
DARE: dumbest sermon title
ARTICLE: Agape Plus by Joel Rasmussen
Pietro & Madeleine: To Trust Someone by Robert Capon
INTERVIEW: Walter Wangerin
ARTICLE: Laughable Laws by Robert Pelton
CARTOON: Brother Biddle
NEWS by O'Shea: H. Winfield Tutte to Run for President
CARTOON: Dogs who know the Lord (part 2) by Pegoda
ARTICLE: Church of the Young Urban Professional by Christopher Carlisle
Truth is Stranger than Fiction
ARTICLE: Is Christianity A Legitimate Crutch? by Skip Stogsdill
ARTICLE: Some Items I'd Like to See Printed in Religious Publications by Leroy Koopman

#90 April/May 1986
Our Big Deal Fifteenth Anniversary Issue

EDITORIAL: A Not So Sentimental Journey by James Sennett
Pietro & Madeleine: Not Quite Rightness by Robert Copon
Clip: The White Light Laundromat Miracle by R.J. Rogers
CARTOON: Brother Biddle
INTERVIEW: Ben Patterson
ARTICLE: The Door at Fifteen by Doug Peterson
ARTICLE: The State of the Arts by O'Shea
NEWS by O'Shea: Excess Stress Assessed
Clip: FrankAid by DCP
LOSER: Christian Canine Concepts
ARTICLE: The Bible and the Door by James Sennett
Mini INTERVIEW: Dan Pegoda
ARTICLE: A Theologian Looks at Goldilocks and the Three Bears by Russell Asvitt
Truth is Stranger than Fiction
BACK DOOR: Being Cool by Mike Yaconelli

#91 June/July 1986
The Sanctuary Movement

EDITORIAL: Thou Shalt/Shalt Not Disobey the Government by James Sennett
LOSER: American Talking Clock Corporation, Last Supper Clock
NEWS by O'Shea: Lady Liberty: "No More Mrs. Nice Gal"
Pietro & Madeleine: The Importance of Not Being Mr. Meddlemore by Robert Capon
Photo Feature & INTERVIEW: Hermanacules Voboranassios
DARE: goofiest church bullitin
Brother Biddle
ARTICLE: Who Sinned Here by Bob Lupton
CLIP: The Good News of Prosperity,C.P.Bergman
ARTICLE: The House Where Mrs. Story Used To Live by Walter Wangerin
Truth is Stranger Than Fiction
ARTICLE: Matthew 25, Contemporized by Mauvin Hinten
BACK DOOR: Suffering is Anti American by Mike Yaconelli

#92 August/September 1986
Mixed Bag

EDITORIAL: On Striving After Wind by James Sennett
ARTICLE: Very Trivial Pursuits
Peitro & Madeleine: The Sacrifice of Ineffectiveness by Robert Capon
Brother Biddle
ARTICLE: Life Was So Simple Once by Dan Gross
INTERVIEW: John Howard Yoder
ARTICLE: Choosing by David Roper
Renaldo & Margaret: In Defence of Theology by Kevin Gowen
ARTICLE: Wired To Kill/ A Film By Franky Sheaffer
Dogs Who Know the Lord by Pegoda
NEWS Briefs by O'Shea
LOSER: Jesus Outreach
BACK DOOR: A Strange Uneasiness by Mike Yaconelli

#93 October/November 1986
The Nice Issue

EDITORIAL: Alley, Alley, Outs Are In Free! by James Sennett
ARTICLE: A Pastor's Afternoon Prayer by Tim Boden
ARTICLE: Vintage Fundamentalism by Robert Price
Winner: PBS & BBC/ tele play of C.S. Lewis and Joy Gresham
Pietro & Madeleine: Testing Positive by Robert Capon
POEM: Nicodemus by Mark R. Littleton
INTERVIEW: Brennan Manning
ARTICLE: The Wisdom of Accepted Tenderness by Brennan Manning
Truth is Stranger than Fiction
ARTICLE: A Good Death by Dave Wimbish
ARTICLE: Everybody Ought To Go to Sunday School by Larry Finger
ARTICLE: Not Quite Argus Posters
ARTICLE: I See That Hand! by Kavid Engwicht
ARTICLE: Extra, Extra by Leroy Koopman
Pietro & Madeleine Again: A Rejoinder to Renaldo & Margaret by Robert Capon
Brother Biddle
NEWS Briefs: Drug Dealers Get Suspended by O'Shea
BACK DOOR: Missing the Ministry by Mike Yaconelli

#94 December '86/January '87
Use Your Imagination

EDITORIAL: Some Unplanned Musings by James Sennett
LOSER: Pastor Maxwell & Skyline Westeyan/ Tithe, $ back guarentee
Pietro & Madeleine: Loose Talk & High Hedges by Robert Capon
ARTICLE: The Imaginative Paradox by Linda Emery
ARTICLE: Toccata Context by Noel Anderson
POEM: There Was a Young Boy Who Believed by Bruce D. Phillips
Paradied Tossed by Erik C. Nelson
CARTOON: The History of Religion by Mark Frontczak
INTERVIEW: Yorg by Calvin Miller
Be=rother Biddle
ARTICLE: A Scene from the Life of a Writer by Lynda Stephenson
DARE: wacky cover for Door
INTERVIEW: Madeleine L'Engle
Truth is Stranger than Fiction
NEWS by O'Shea: Stay Tuned for Narnia Chronicles
BACK DOOR: Fantasy Christianity by Mike Yaconelli

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