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1971-74 (Issues 1-22)
1975-78 (23-46)
1979-82 (47-70)
1983-86 (71-94)
1987-90 (95-115)
1991-94 (116-138)
1995-98 (139-161)
1999-present (162- )


#95 February/March 1987

EDITORIAL: On Arguing with Success by James Sennett
ARTICLE: The Missionary's Dream by Robert Duckett
ARTICLE: Missionaries From Mars by Jeff Holder
ARTICLE: The Realities of Missionary Life by Bill Arachtingi
Brother Biddle by Rob Suggs
NEWS by O'Shea
ARTICLE: Missions Are A Waste of Money by Michael Smitka
LOSER: people who don't see that TV Evangelism is aganist everything Jesus stands for
ARTICLE: Thanks to God in You I'm a Missionary by Karen Winchell
ARTICLE: Reports From The Field by Jerry Kelty, Daniel Rupple
BACK DOOR: The Plight of the Communicator by Mike Yaconelli

#96 April/May 1987
The Late Issue

EDITORIAL: Chic Ethics by James Sennett
ARTICLE: Sectarianism/ Notbut by Lary Finger
DARE: photo of brother Biddle look alike
ARTICLE: Confessions of an Angry Man by Scott Herzer
INTERVIEW: Thomas Howard
ARTICLE: The Pit by Kenneth Fiklkins
Pietro & Madeleine: Broccoli Bakkerini by Robert Capon
Pinto & Maudlin: Turkey Caponette by John Carney
The Biddle Aptitude Test by Robert Suggs
ARTICLE: Walking and Learning by Tim Ihssen
ARTICLE: Grace by Leigh Jones
Truth Is Stranger than Fiction
ARTICLE: Saving a Twelve Year Old by Skip Stogsdill
LOSER: James H. Rutz/ Samsel Wanted
NEWS by O'Shea: Church Teachings Under Repair
BACK DOOR: Evangelical Gigolo by Mike Yaconelli

#97 June/July 1987
Electronic Religion

EDITORIAL: The Witness of Unpretentious Lives by David Myers
ARTICLE: Reverend Billy Bang and the Prayer of Faith by Skip Rogers
INTERVIEW: Doug Marlette
POEM: American Prophet by Steven D. Pike
Knowledge by Leslie Leyland Fields
Pietro & Madeleine: From the Woodshed by Robert Capon
ARTICLE: The Righteousness Revival Hour by James Saver
ARTICLE: Making it as an Institution by Luther Crady, Jr.
LOSER: LaVerne Campbell/ sharing Russell Stendal
NEWS by O'Shea
ARTICLE: The Tearing Down of Idols by Jim Walton
ARTICLE: What then Shall We Do To Help? by Bing Wall
Back Boor: A Distortion of the Church by Russ Reid

#98& 99 August/September/October/November 1987
Double Trouble Issue

EDITORIAL: An Open Letter by James Sennett
Brother Biddle
ARTICLE: Asceticism Made Easy by Greg Franzwa
ARTICLE: Evangelical Past/ Homosexual Present by M. Peterson
ARTICLE: Opening Day Jitters by Karl Beck
POEM: Trying by Sharalyn Jenkins
Just Before the ... byTerry Everton
Touch of the Master's Hand, Revisited by Tim Sims
ARTICLE: Community Wide Condom Sunday by Robert Anderson
INTERVIEW: Will Willimon
LOSER: The Bible Belt/ Exodus Inc
ARTICLE: Out in Limbo by J. Yutaka Amano
Jerome Grundy
Truth is Stranger than Fiction
ARTICLE: Losers,Finders by David Toper
ARTICLE: Are You A Fanatic? by Jetty Kelty
ARTICLE What Is an Episcopalian? by Barbra Allen
Mission to the Hunks
Pietro & Madeleine: Mr. Ewing Goes to Washington by Robert Capon
ARTICLE: A Young Man by Dinah Stokes
ARTICLE: Table Talk by L.A.W. Ingalls
NEWS by O'Shea: Channeling Confirmed as Current Coastal Craze
ARTICLE: The Sermon Contest by Karl Beck
ARTICLE; A Religious Left Lexicon by Lloyd Billingsley
Brother Biddle
It All Started with John by Patrick Heston
Truth is (Doubly) Stranger than Fiction
BACK DOOR: Becoming Pagan by Mike Yaconelli

#100 December 1987/January 1988

EDITORIAL: Parent or Plague...On God and AIDS by James F. Sennett
LOSER: Reformed Baptist Church
INTERVIEW: Jerry Arterburn
ARTICLE: Walter and Clara, at Home by Bob Darden
ARTICLE: The Epidemic by Russell J. Asvitt
Truth is Stranger than Fiction
ARTICLE: Praise the Lord and Pass the Mousse by Noel Becchetti
ARTICLE: And Now for A Few Words by Bruce Bursma
INTERVIEW: Bruce Braun
NEWS by O'Shea: A Bad Year in Millber
Real Briefs
Brother Biddle
ARTICLE: It All Started with John by Patrick C. Heston
BACK DOOR: Dear Jimmy, by Mike Yaconelli

#101 February/March 1988
Our Father Which Art a Mother?

ARTICLE: Is He or Is He Ain't a Woman? by Jaye Kendrick
Truth is Stranger than Fiction
ARTICLE: Sophisticated Topics... by J.Kendrick
ARTICLE: Mother God's Church of Her Daughter's Activist Revival by Scott Pelking
ARTICLE: Looking for a Preacher? by David Steverson
NEWS by O'Shea: IRS Rollows Cults
ARTICLEr; The Madmen of Rodenville by Alan Nelson
ARTICLE: Ms. Holy Spirit by A. Nelson
ARTICLE: Sermon Diagraming for Uneducated Listeners by David L. Washburn
LOSER: Thenecards, Inc., micropublications
ARTICLE: It All Started with...John by Patrick Heston
BACK DOOR: I'm Running as Fast as I Can by Mike Yaconelli

#102 April/May 1988 (bound photocopy)
Those Wacky Southern Baptist Convention Goers

EDITORIAL: Southern Baptists by Bob Darden
CARTOON: How Christians Have Coped Through the Ages:
ARTICLE: How to Lose a Denomination in Ten Easy Steps by Louis Moore
INTERVIEW: Paige Patterson
Truth is Stranger than Fiction
ARTICLE: The Parable of the Lost Messengers by Barry Ray
ARTICLE: Why Many, Many People are Very Unhappy by Chuck Westerman
NEWS by O'Shea: Special SBC Report
ARTICLE: Joe Bob Goes to the Convention
CLIP: Joe Bob Goes to Washington
CLIP: Joe Bob Goes Foreward
CLIP: Joe Bob Goes into Temptation
CARTOON: Dogs Who Know the Lord
ARTICLE: Dictionary of Southern Baptist Godtalk by Carl Hoover
Commic: Pegoda
LOSER: Earnie Shavers and Pavco Labs by Zimple Zapper
DARE: strangest name of a church
BACK DOOR: Misconceptions in the Voting Workplace by Chuck Westerman

#103 June/July 1988
Televote Issue//Theologian of the Year

ARTICLE: Theologian of the year
CARTOON: Dogs Who Know the Lord
EDITORIAL: Aboriton Revisited by Chuck Westerman
LOSER: Ho'okumu Marketing, Contemporary Christian Mag/Jesus the Surfer
ARTICLE: Ordering your stupid, Messed up World by Jim Meals
INTERVIEW: Richard Yao
ARTICLE: Last Temptation of Christians by Bill McNabb
ARTICLE: Jimmy Swaggers Home by Bob Darden
ARTICLE: Chihuahuas on Mars by Doug Peterson
ARTICLE: Pastor Karl's Rookie Year by Carl Beck
Truth is Stranger than Fiction
BACK DOOR: England's Greenbelt by Mike Yaconelli

#104 March/April 1989
Christianity and the New Age

ARTICLE: Never Trust a Spiritual Revolution You Can't Dance To by Chuck Westerman
INTERVIEW: Russ Chandler
CLIP: An Excerpt from Understanding the New Age Conspiracy Theories
ARTICLE: Crystal Lites and Brites
ARTICLE: Any Friend of Myself is a Friend of Mine by Karl Beck
AD: Who Blamed Rajah Ramtha (movie)
INTERVIEW: LaGard Smith/ There is no God but You
CARTOON: Dogs Who Know The Lord by Pegoda
ARTICLE: In Us We Trust by Robert Capon
Commic: Wilson
ARTICLE: The New Age: Is it reall new or did they buy it at a garage sale? by Doug Peterson
LOSER: Sonshine Graphics & Shed Blood Security Unltd.
DARE: most unusual interruption of a church service you've ever witnessed
NEWS: Not So Good News Dept.
ARTICLE: Is The World of Advertising the Devil's New Age Play Ground?
Truth is Stranger than Fiction
ARTICLE: Christianity: Now & Zen by Carl Hoover
CLIP: SNAM: Seminary of the New Age Magazine
BACK DOOR: New Age Video by Mike Yaconelli

#105 May/June 1989
Discount Discipleship

EDITORIAL: Bogus Compassion: Discipleship Graded on the Curve by Chuck Westerman
Not So Good NEWS
ARTICLE: The New Yuppie Hymnal by Duane Shinn
ARTICLE: On Yuppie Bashing by Robert Rarrar Capon
Commic: Johnson
CLIP: Tuesdaysumthin'
INTERVIEW: Robert Bellah talks about real happiness
INTERVIEW: Studs Terkel/ The American Coma
ARTICLE: To Keep Or Not To Keep the Audi by Bob Lupton
CLIP: Quiz: So, How much of a Christian Social Conscience Have You, Anyway? by Dan Pegoda
LOSER: Bill Scott/ Homes by THE BOOK
DARE: Unusual names of church members
Dogs Who Know The lord
Truth is Stranger Than Fiction
BACK DOOR: It's Time to Party by Mike Yaconelli

#106 July/August 1989
Medical Ethics

ARTICLE: Make Love In A Circle Of Candles
ARTICLE: Life In An ER by Scott Pelking
EDITORIAL: Getting a Ticket on the Express Train to Medical School
INTERVIEW: Dr. Kenneth Cooper/ Defrocking Doctors' Deity
INTERVIEW: Dr. Richard Selzer/ Have Modern Doctors Lost Their Souls?
ARTICLE: Dr. H Winfield Tutte's Glossary Of Common Medical Terms
Results of Door DARE ISSUE # 17: The most unusual interruption of a church service you've ever witnessed.
THE DOOR DARE ISSUE # 19: Dig out your old bible and find the most marked-up page. Make a Decent photo(bound photocopy) of it and send it to us.
CARTOON: Miracle CARTOON Begging For Gifts by Huggins
CARTOON: Arthritis and Hemorrhoids by Hayden
CARTOON: Safe Sects by Nyberg
LOSER OF THE MONTH: Mr. Baseball should have kept his zipper up
COMMIC: Dogs Who Know The Lord; The Tales Of Tim
THE BACK DOOR: The Joy Of Saying NO by Mike Yaconelli

#107 September/October 1989 (bound photocopy)
Robert Tilton

ARTICLE: Why Evangelicals Don't Make Very Many Dramatic Movies by Doug Peterson
ARTICLE: The Revenge of the Accordian by Bill McNabb
ARTICLE: Eightysomething by Karl Beck
ARTICLE: The Moment Preceding Tommy Lee Bateson's Being Washed in the Blood of the Lamb... by Terry Everton
INTERVIEW: Kurt Vonnegut/ One Nation Under Greed
INTERVIEW: Dr. Robert Coles/ How DARE We Call Ourselves Christians?
ARTICLE: Rootin' Tootin' Robert Tilton
EDITORIAL: Let's Put the Fun Back in Fundamentalism by Chuck Westerman
Commic: Dogs Who Know The Lord
Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction
DARE: silliest use of, or biggest foul up with modern technology in the church
LOSER: Jennifer Logan/ Not Just Any Man
Not So Good NEWS
BACK DOOR: Gospel Lies by Mike Yaconelli

#108 November/December 1989
Media Mash

INTERVIEW: Bill Fields, Russ Knight, Peter Sjoblom/ Who You Gonna Call? Peacemakers
INTERVIEW: Neil Postman/ Television-the ultimate blasphemy
EDITORIAL: A Confusion of Aims by Chuck Westerman
ARTICLE: Signs And Wonders; Reaching the born-again market by Lou Covey and Craig Mosher
ARTICLE: White Like Us by Doug Peterson
ARTICLE: Undercover Missionary in an Evangelical World by T.P. Moon
The Door Investigative Report: Night Court
Results of DOOR DARE ISSUE # 19: Photo(bound photocopy) of the most marked up bible page
DOOR DARE ISSUE # 21: Honest to goodness photograph of someone asleep during a church service.
CARTOON: Mustache Pledge for money by Johnny Hawkins
CARTOON: Trump Window fund raiser by Koehler
CARTOON: New Pastoral Robe was a slight mix-up by Dan Pegoda
LOSER OF THE MONTH: Dogs who know how to raise a leg ... and money ... for the Lord
THE BACK DOOR: Sure God loves us, but does he like us? by Mike Yaconelli

#109 January/February 1990 (bound photocopy)
The Present Darkness

INTERVIEW: Peretti Frank /Piercing This Present Darkness
INTERVIEW: Calvin Miller/ Looking for the devil in all the wrong places
INTERVIEW: Walter Wink/ Unmasking the powers that be
ARTICLE: Book Excerpt Giving The Devil His Due
ARTICLE: In God We Antitrust by John Carney
ARTICLE: Get Thee Behind Me, Mascot! by Doug Peterson
ARTICLE: Pastor Karl's Rookie Year Paul Plants, Apollos Waters, Karl Frets by Karl Beck
EDITORIAL: Demons And Disney World And Angels In the Muck by Chuck Westerman
SPECIAL FEATURE: A DOOR Public Service Announcement; Just Who is who in American Christian Leadership?
Results of DOOR DARE #20: Making fun of technology in the church
Still waiting for DOOR DARE #21: Take a photo of someone asleep in church
DOOR DARE #22: Description and photo(bound photocopy) of the front and back cover of the most off-the-wall Christian book you've ever read (or at least skimmed)
COMMIC: Dogs Who Know The Lord
CARTOON: Ultimate appeal letter ?
LOSER OF THE MONTH: Oh no-not a Cabbage Patch Jesus!
THE BACK DOOR: Praise God And Close The Doors; Is it time for Billy Graham to scram? by Mike Yaconelli

#110 March/April 1990

INTERVIEW: Will Campbell/ The futility of fighting over what we believe
INTERVIEW: Father Joseph Girzone/ If Jesus were here would you do it?
INTERVIEW: David Myers/ The pursuit of happiness
ARTICLE: The Book Of Christian Lists; Lists that rival David Letterman's by David Ellis Dickerson
ARTICLE: Pastor Karl's Rookie Year: Take Me Out of the Ballgame by Karl Beck
ARTICLE: Pedestals; It's lonely at the top/ James Watkins
ARTICLE: On Budgeting Compassion; The poor are sabotaged by their own kindness by Bob Lupton
ARTICLE: One Chapel Morning In America; How dare you raise doubts in Chapel?/ Jack W. Williams
ARTICLE: Why It's So Important For Both Members Of A Marriage To Be Fully Cleansed In The Holy Spirit; Leah needs the Lord. Lester needs a beer by Terry Everton
Results of DOOR DARE #21: Photograph of someone sleeping in church
DOOR DARE #23: Photo and brief testimony why your dog (or kangaroo or whatever) knows the Lord
COMMIC: Dogs Who Know The Lord; Need we say more?/ Dan Pegoda
CARTOON: In the beginning ... let there be light ... Bud Light/ Shokes-Pegoda
THE BACK DOOR/LOSER OF THE MONTH Decade: The Decade Evangelicals ate the Big Tamale/ Mike Yaconelli

#111 May/June 1990
Gene Scott/Scott Peck

INTERVIEW: Scott Peck/ The pressure to be authentic
ARTICLE: Pastor Karl's Rookie Year XI Never Call Retreat; When the pastor is the biggest bogeyman of all Karl Beck
ARTICLE: Dr. Gene Don't Take No Guff; The wild and crazy TV preacher, Dr. Gene Scott/ Brad Bailey
ARTICLE: Twenty-Four Hours At the NRB; the higher the hair, the closer you are to heaven/ Zoe Smith
Results of DOOR DARE #22: description and photo(bound photocopy) of cover of off-the-wall Christian book
DOOR DARE #24: To come up with daring ideas for Dare #25
LOSER OF THE MONTH: Charismatic Bible gets a tongue lashing
THE BACK DOOR: Letter to Mackenzie's Parents/Raising a daughter in the 90's/ Mike Yaconelli

#112 July/August 1990
The Liberal Issue

EDITORIAL: by Ben Patterson
INTERVIEW: William Sloan Coffin. Liberalism, apartheid, homosexuality, fundamentalists, abortion.
TOP REASONS: Twelve Reasons Why Only Liberals Will be Saved, by Tim Sims; the Top Ten Issues Confronting Liberal Theologians This Decade, by Ric Murry; the Top Ten Statements Overheard at Jim Bakker's Cell, by Ric Murry.
ARTICLE: Is Lassie A Liberal Activist? by Doug Peterson. Animal rights.
INTERVIEW: Forrester Church. Liberalism, Unitarian Universalist, Oliver North, politics.
ARTICLE: Recycling by Bob Lupton. Recycle lives not trash.
ARTICLE: The Real Meaning of the Reformation by Chris Carlisle.
DOOR DARE: Featured Dogs Who do the Dare.
THE NOT-SO-GOOD DEPARTMENT: Nose like Joe Montana, Tammy Faye, Dallas Cowboys, Fundraising, Rap, Gold.
CARTOONS: "Sermon of the Century," by Johnson; "Cattle Crossing" by J. Colle; "Altar Calls" by Dan Pegoda; "Exercising Demons" by Kirk.
LOSER OF THE MONTH: Crystal Cathedral
BACK DOOR: Tourist Christianity

#113 September/October 1990
The Alcohol Issue

EDITORIAL: Temperance or Abstinence by Chuck Westerman
ARTICLE: Bunches and Bunches of Steps by Doug Peterson
INTERVIEW: Glenn. Creating (or Preventing) the Potential for Addiction.
ARTICLE: The Funny Side of Alcohol by Jill Blanche.
INTERVIEW: Dr. Anderson Spickard. "Addiction" and "Sin" are not Synonymous.
ARTICLE: In the Defense of Drinking. by Bill McNabb
LOSER OF THE MONTH: Franklin Electronic Holy Bible
ARTICLE: This Buzz's for You by Arsenio Orteza
CARTOON OR FUNNY: Whatever Happened to Brotherly Love -- man to manly bouquets.
NOT-SO-GOOD DEPARTMENT: Mustafa, Women not ordained, Bill Gothard.
DOOR DARE: #24b -- Pastor with longest sideburns
CARTOONS: "Bob finds himself" by Kirk; "Luke cold/luke warm" by J. Colle
BACK DOOR: Do I Have a Drinking Problem?

#114 November/December 1990
The Red Ecumenical

ARTICLE: 40 Small Groups for the '90s by Ric Murry
ARTICLE: The Watchtower, Announcing Jehovah's Kingdom by David Washburn
INTERVIEW: Dennis Prager. A civilization that believes in nothing.
ARTICLE: Sex, Lies and Thirtysomething by Patricia Lazaroff -- singles
ARTICLE: The Hunt for Red Ecumenical by Doug Peterson -- doctrines
ARTICLE: My afternoon with Barabara Bush by Cole Arendt
ARTICLE: I Now Pronounce You Member and Church by Karl Beck
CARTOON: Dogs Who Know the Lord -- The Demeanoor Check by Dan Pegoda
LOSER OF THE MONTH: Damsel Wanted, Christian Dating Service, James H. Rutz
CARTOON: Song of Solomon Illustrated by Den Hart
DOOR DARE: #25 Singles place an ad in personals stating you subscribe, read or love The Door
BACK DOOR: Backwards Compassion (Chuck Westerman)

There was no #115

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