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1971-74 (Issues 1-22)
1975-78 (23-46)
1979-82 (47-70)
1983-86 (71-94)
1987-90 (95-115)
1991-94 (116-138)
1995-98 (139-161)
1999-present (162- )


#116 January/February 1991 (bound photocopy)
The Not-So-Divine Comedy Issure

ARTICLE: In Search of My Lost Sense of Humor by Michael Gose
ARTICLE: Oral Roberts University by Brad Bailey
INTERVIEW: Ken Davis. Christian Stand-up comedian
INTERVIEW: Sam Kinison.
INTERVIEW: Steve Geyer. Is Christian Comedy Bathroom Humor?
ARTICLE: Comedy Relief -- Christian Comedy Network by Mark Rasmussen
ARTICLE: People, Places and Above All, Things by Karl Beck
CARTOON: Dogs Who Know the Lord by Dan Pegoda
LOSER OF THE MONTH: Robert Tilton's Success in Life Ministry phones manned by AT&T employees
ARTICLE: Holy Bible II by John Carney.
DOOR DARE: #26 Prove theological answer for postcard of mouse sticking head out of cheese "Do not be dismayed for I am your God."
BACK DOOR: Power Evangelism

#116 1/2 March/April 1991
The Lawyer Issue

INTERVIEW: Lynn Buzzard on practicing law in lawless times
ARTICLE: The Case of the Contentious Carillon by John Carney
Bellshire United Methodist Church was sued after it installed an electronic carillon to strike the hour and play hymns.
ARTICLE: Bless me Lawyer, for I have Sinned by Doug Peterson. Lawyers today serve as society's secular priests.
ARTICLE: Trapped on the Ice with C.S. Lewis by David Ellis Dickerson
CARTOONS: "A Brush With Death" by Mueller; "Adam & Eve -- We're not saying anything until we've seen a lawyer" by Kirk; "Billy Graham as a child" by Jonny Hawkins; Dogs Who Know the Lord -- Madonna" by Dan Pegoda
ARTICLE: The Revised Authorized New Shona International Version of the B. Orring Study Bible Dictionary by Robin Sheffield
ARTICLE: While Nelson Harmicker prays during the weekly Christian Singles Sunday school class and everyone's mind is on a heavenly body by Terry Everton
ARTICLE: Theology of a City Street Sign by Patrick C. Heston
ARTICLE: Redefinition of Terms -- Pastor Karl's Rookie Year by Karl Beck
ARTICLE: Jurists for Jesus by Dean Samuelson
AD: Milli Vanilli in Synch with God by Dan Productions
LOSER OF THE MONTH: Precious Moments figuerines.
DOOR DARE: #27 God's intervention or just plain luck
BACK DOOR: The State of Our Lives (busyness)

#117 May/June
1991 Peeple

INTERVIEW: James Brooks. Hollywood, religion in the media.
ARTICLE: The 777 Club by Thomas Watch.
INTERVIEW: Michael Medved. Does Hollywood Cast Believers as Bad Guys?
INTERVIEW: James Riordan. Christianity in the media.
ARTICLE: Cosmotose by Mike Hertenstein.
INTERVIEW: Eric Woster. On the Front Lines in Hollywood Babylon.
ARTICLE: Hollywood Movies (that happen to be Christian and Good) by Skip Stogsdill.
DOOR DARE: #28 Graffiti about God.
LOSER OF THE MONTH: The Church 900 Hotline Program
ARTICLE: The Sanitized, Sanctified, Cinema Network by Dean Samuelson
CARTOONS: Dogs Who Know the Lord by Dan Pegoda; Fastfood forgiveness by Kirk; Soap opera by Kirk
BACKDOOR: Non-Optional Friendship

#118 July/August 1991 (bound photocopy)
Music -- God's Jukebox

ARTICLE: How Ecumenical Are You? A quiz about Catholicism Especially for Protestants by David Ellis Dickerson.
INTERVIEW: Michael Been. The Last Temptation of Christ.
ARTICLE: God's Jukebox -- A Fourth Testament by Arsenio Orteza.
INTERVIEW: Jeff Johnson
ARTICLE: Why Should the Devil have all the Lame Music by Bob & Mary Darden.
INTERVIEW: Jerry Gaskill of Kings X.
ARTICLE: The Bible Answer Hombre Speaks Out by Jerry Kelty.
ARTICLE: Walker Railey Bailey Looks for his Lost Seeds of Faith by Brad Bailey. (Robert Tilton)
LOSER OF THE MONTH: Spaghetti Jesus
DOOR DARE: #29 Madonna's Truth or Dare
IN MEMORY: Of Chuck Westerman by Mike
POEM: The Sainthood of the Other by Corrie Norray
CARTOON: Dogs Who Know the Lord by Dan Pegoda
BACK DOOR: Death of the American Soul

#119 September/October 1991

NO COMMENT DEPT: "Proposed Born-again Day at Melodyland"
ARTICLE: Eugenicists say the Darndest Things by Doug Peterson.
CARTOONS: "Pastor's Private Stash" by LaPine; Dogs Who Know the Lord by Pegoda
ARTICLE: Shake 'n' Bake by John Carney.
INTERVIEW: John Medina. Molecular Biology: Putting Your Face Against the Face of God.
CARTOONS: Basketbowl by Meuller, Underwater John 3:16 on fish by LaPine
ARTICLE: Death by Pastor Karl's Rookie Year.
ARTICLE: Excerpts from the Politically Correct -- Revised Standard Version by Robert M. Price.
DOOR DARE: #30 Kids quotes related to God, Christianity the meaning of life, etc.
BACK DOOR: Can We Talk? (Openness to God in our culture)

#120 November/December 1991

INTERVIEW: Eugene Peterson. Subversive Spirituality.
DOOR STUFF: Door merchandise
ARTICLE: Minister's Local 2241 by Bill Bunn
CARTOONS: "Tunnel of Self Love" by Mueller; "Miss Brown, are you sure you have no feelings towards me?" by Hammond; "Pastor pondering sermon illustrations" by Mark Young; "Jehovah Witness no-pest strip" by LaPine; "Dogs who know the Lord" by Pegoda
INTERVIEW: Sue Monk Kidd. When God Hugs You-Spirituality in a Busy World
ARTICLE: Slim Pickins is More Than a Cowboy by Daniel Barth Peters
ARTICLE: Gospel Market by Barry Valentine
ARTICLE: The God of Coincidence by Bob Lupton
ARTICLE: The White Man David Duke by Arsenio Orteza
ARTICLE: Blame it on the Monks by Doug Peterson
LOSER OF THE MONTH: Ecology/Theology Task Force of the Church Council of Greater Seattle
DARE: #31 Dumbest thing your pastor ever said
BACK DOOR: Mother Teresa Goes Rock (Amy Grant)

#121 January/February 1992

INTERVIEW: Mary Stewart Van Leeuwen. The courage to give up power
ARTICLE: The Martyr, The Mormon and Me by Arsenio Orteza
INTERVIEW: Dr. Richard Halverson. The servant to the Senate
ARTICLE: Why Didn't Columbus do the Fox Trot with Wolves by Doug Peterson
ARTICLE: Discovering the Classics by Mark Shea
ARTICLE: An Eastern European Guide to the Religious West by David Ellis Dickerson
ARTICLE: Abreviated Niebuhr by Joey Earl Horstman
ARTICLE: Thousand Ages in the Lab by Sairlys Jenkins
CARTOONS: "As pastor Johnnie takes a stand" by Everton; "Ding before Dong" by George Crenshaw; Dogs who know the Lord by Pegoda
LOSER OF THE MONTH: Word, Inc for Music 2 Go
DARE: #32 continuance of Dare #31 -- Dumbest thing your pastor ever said
BACK DOOR: The Church is Dead

#122 March/April 1992
The Men's Movement

ARTICLE: Dances With Trees. Men's Weekend in Hell by Timothy F. Merrill.
INTERVIEW: Robert Moore. Mature Men Don't Just Happen.
ARTICLE: As Evangelist Jidd Swiggart Accidentally Gets High on a Little More Than Heavenly Wine. Gospel tracts and the satellite tavern by Terry Everton.
ARTICLE: It's My Party and I'll Cry if I Want to. Men who cry too little by Doug Peterson.
ARTICLE: Almost Good Men in Church History. Thank God for Divine providence by Brad Whittington.
CARTOONS: "How Granny Gets her Fiber" by Meuller. "Nerds in Hell" by Dan F. "Dogs Who Know the Lord" by Dan Pegoda.
INTERVIEW: Sam Keen. Storytelling for men.
ARTICLE: The Almighty God, "Thy will be Done" Personal Preference Survey. Finding God's will the easy way by Dean Samuelson.
CARTOON: "Textual Harassment" by Mueller.
DOOR DARE: #33 Requesting old photos with the topic "Church Life."
BACK DOOR: I Found it.

#123 May/June 1992
Fresh Thinking Issue

ARTICLE: Exegesis. The limits of intellectual surgery by Donald L. McIntyre.
INTERVIEW: Matthew Fox. The pleasure of knowing God.
CARTOON: "Dogs Who Know the Lord."
INTERVIEW: John Boykin. Rethinking the will of God.
CARTOON: by Sisson.
ARTICLE: Dreaming of Jeopardy! TV evangelists play Jeopardy! by Rob Peebles.
ARTICLE: Pastor Karl's Rookie Year. A previously unpublished gem on the subject of lawyers by (the late) Chuck Westerman.
ARTICLE: Jesus and the Board of Disciples. The Gospel according to a typical board by Rolf Potts.
THE EXPERTS: The illusion of authority by Donald L. McIntyre
DOOR STUFF: The Door knob hanger
ARTICLE: Focus on the Farm Wife. Dr. Dim Dudson back on the farm by Sally Curd.
ARTICLE: Dinner Theatre Review and Comment. Is fundamentalism and the arts an oxymoron? By Rob Peebles.
DOOR DARE: #34 come up with a new name for the relatively proud institution of J.S.B.C.
BACK DOOR: My Day of Judgment.

#124 July/August 1992
The Arts and the Church

INTERVIEW: Charlie Peacock. Artists: God's little creators.
ARTICLE: It Ain't a Secret No More. The Door investigates full-gospel racism by Lonni Collins Pratt.
INTERVIEW: Michael Card. Freedom and submission: An artistic paradox.
INTERVIEW: Jimmy A. Artists: God's little weirdos.
ARTICLE: A Call for a Christian Arts Renaissance. The artists and the Church need to kiss and make up by J.A.C. Redford.
CARTOON: "Dogs Who Know the Lord" by Dan Pegoda.
ARTICLE: is Christianity Only Meant for Pretty Women? Christianity's ideal Cover Girl by Doug Peterson.
ARTICLE: Compiler's Resource of Appropriate Phrases. Who needs seminary?
ARTICLE: Burning Love and Death's Defeat. Could it be? Elvis in the Bible? By C. Edward Smith, Jr.
DOOR DARE: #35 Readers asked to share unusual stories that are faith-effecting.
BACK DOOR: The rise and fall of the speaker.

#125 September/October 1992
The Door makes a Mess out of Counseling and the Church

INTERVIEW: Gerald May. Would you take your dog to this man?
ARTICLE: Holy Wholeness! Discount counseling plan by Bill Bunn.
INTERVIEW: Kim Hall. Bring it to Jesus…and your family therapist.
ARTICLE: Original Sins and Original Diseases. The diseasing of America by Doug Peterson.
CARTOON: The N.O.W. Theory of the Evolution of Man.
ARTICLE: A is for Anonymous. B is for Boundaries. C is for Christians. Good Neighbors build good fences by Elaine Fiche.
CARTOON: by Schwadron.
ARTICLE: Cross-Species Codependency: A Therapeutic Perspective on a Pervasive Phenomenon. It's a dog-eat-dog world by Michelle Bobier.
CARTOON: "Psychological Clinic" by Schwadron. "A Pack of Dogs" by Dan Pegoda.
ARTICLE: How the Lord God Provideth … Even when the Chips are Down. The Devil and the IRS by Terry Everton.
DOOR DARE: #36 Give one good reason you believe the end is imminent.
BACK DOOR: Ego Addiction.

#126 November/December 1992
Counseling and the Church Part II

INTERVIEW: Wendy Kaminer. Attacking the covert authoritarianism of the recovery movement.
INTERVIEW: Pia Mellody. Uncovering the covert spirituality of the recovery movement.
ARTICLE: Sorry, Right Number. Next on Geraldo: voice mail – a hideous step backward for humanity or the Mark of the Beast? You Decide by John Carney.
ARTICLE: Menu/WomenU. I'm OK, You're OK. Our Food is OK.
ARTICLE: It's a Wonderful Life- the next Day. Will Clarence ever get his wings? A seasonal treat for Door readers by Thomas Watch.
ARTICLE: Book Reviews. New christian counseling books by Brad Whittington.
ARTICLE: The Way Good and Evil Can Work Simultaneously within the Same Family. The continuing saga of the rev. jidd swiggirt by Terry Everton.
ARTICLE: Top Ten Brand Names for Christian Contraceptives. Gee—we never really Oman the Barbarian! By David Ellis Dickerson.
CARTOON: "Sell-Out!" by Schwadron and "Schizoventriloquism" by Mueller.
CARTOON: "Dogs Who Know the Lord" by Dan Pegoda.
ARTICLE: Ten Reasons Hell is Better than Heaven. #11 is that your Door subscription never, ever runs out by David Ellis Dickerson.
ARTICLE: Selfanoint! In the new environmentally challenged aerosol plastic spray can! by Darrel Spenst.
ARTICLE: Bill Ed Bob's Counseling Center. "If you're there and we're there—somebody needs to get back here, so we can care." By Debbie West.
DOOR DARE: #37 Send in old photos of your good old days in church life.
BACK DOOR: The Terror of Inbetween-ness. Meditations on turning 50.

#127 January/February 1993
The Irritating Issue

INTERVIEW: Bishop John Shelby Spong. Rescuing believers from just about everything.
INTERVIEW: Reverend Jerry Falwell. A few minutes with a "thinking man's" Fundy.
ARTICLE: F I. T. (Females in Turmoil). The rise and fall of some reasonably firm believers by Debbie West.
CARTOON: "The Deregulation of the Homeless" by Mueller.
ARTICLE: Single Stone Theory. More annoying Biblical revisionism by C. Edward Smith, Jr.
ARTICLE : Paranoia is the Serious Business of Heaven. New horizons in conspiracy cinema by Mark P. Shea.
CARTOON: "Rollin, Rollin, Rollin. It's the Dogs a-Knowin' the Lord" by Dan Pegado.
ARTICLE: Cutting it Straight. The Hatchetman Cometh – and vexeth an entire community by Mark Young.
ARTICLE: Who's Who Among American pastors. And boy! You sure don't want to meet any of these jokers coming down a dark alley alone! by Todd Outcalt.
DOOR DARE: #38 Send in truth found in an unexpected place.
BACK DOOR: Listening to the Tears of Jesus.

#128 March/April 1993
Art and the Church II

INTERVIEW: Geoffrey Hill - Film: Reflections of our nightmares
INTERVIEW: Reinhold Peiper Marxhausen - Art: Reflections of our soul
INTERVIEW: James Young - Drama: Reflections of the truth
ARTICLE: Art and the Church A parable about how the Church abandoned its very own prodigal by David Ellis Dickerson
ARTICLE: Art Criticism in Church History by Darrel Spenst
ARTICLE: Christian Home Exercise Videos by Lynn Gibson
ARTICLE: Word Association What do the words "prophet" and "Benny Hinn" have in common? By Darrel Spenst
ARTICLE: Piercing the Windmill: Mini-golfing with Frank E. Peretti by Darrel Spenst
ARTICLE: Sometimes Doing Good is not Enough: A painful lesson learned on Atlanta's mean streets by Bob Lupton
ARTICLE: Bulletin of the Genderless Church of La LaLa, CA: Those who ignore the future are doomed to repeat it by Thomas Watch
DOOR DARE #37 Picture this: a second helping of photo phunnies by Dan Pegoda
LOSER OF THE MONTH Sports Outreach America created the "Tom Landry Halftime Spectacular"
BACK DOOR: Rethinking the "mountain-top experience"

#129 May/June 1993
Surprise! It's the end of the Dogs who know the Lord… and life as we know it.

ARTICLE: Amy Grant in my Powder Heaven: A Christian fantasy—a ski trip with Amy? by Derrel Spenst
INTERVIEW: Will Willimon and Stanley Hauerwas: Resident aliens.
ARTICLE: A Successful Pastor: Hasta la vista, Pastor! by Sam J. Owen
INTERVIEW: Dallas Willard: Spirituality made hard.
ARTICLE: Turning It On by Jeffrey Eernisse
ARTICLE: If the Bible were written Today: The Bible according to Ann Landers, Stephen King, and others. by Brad Whittington
ARTICLE: Chesterton: A Spirit of Vatican II Bibliography—A shocking discovery—a polically correct G. K. Chesterton by Mark Shea
ARTICLE: The Good News of Ed-ism The Ministry of Mr. Ed by Lowell Newby
ARTICLE: T-R-A-N-S That reminds me of the doctrine of transubstantiation by Gerald Morris
ARTICLE: Honey, I Shrunk the Pope—Psychobabble in the Vatican by Joe Bob Briggs
ARTICLE: Dogs Who Know the Lord The Final Chapter Everything goes to the dogs… and beyond by Dan Pegoda DOOR DARE: There's truth in dem DARE hills! by Dan Pegoda
LOSER OF THE MONTH: For God so loved a million dollars How to be a Millionaire and How to Use the Word of God to Help You Climb
BACK DOOR: Do you know me ? The Dream

#130 July/August 1993
Who is this?

ARTICLE: Untitled A tone poem on failure of education by Judith Hugg
INTERVIEW: Arlo Guthrie
ARTICLE: From the Ministries of *Peter Off* Your arthritic foot is forever in my thoughts by Melinda Brindley
ARTICLE: What happens when the Lord God gets a whiff of sin up the nostrils that have never sinned Satan can't stop a revival…but a shotgun can by Terry Everton
INTERVIEW: James Davison Hunter There's culture war out there, and we lost it.
ARTICLE: Top Ten Least Likely Youth Group Activities He forgot #11: "Snoot-shooting" raw oysters at church picnics by Darrel Spenst
ARTICLE: Top Ten Least Sung Christian Hymns Don't forget Rich Mullins' latist: "Awesome, God!" by Darrel Spenst
ARTICLE: Pastoral Want Ads Three lines, five days, 15 dollars, any denomination by Todd Outcalt
ARTICLE: The Peretti Seminar: A Retrospective Evaluation Peretti's literary contributions of "Yahhh!" and "Yaaak!" by Steven D. Greydanus
CARTOON: Mass Murmurers Never Make the News by Mueller
ARTICLE: From the Book of Pontius Pious Lo, a bouncer will be at the door by Melinda Brindley
ARTICLE: The Trap Door: A Transdenominational Crossword Puzzle At last! The New York Times ain't got nothing on us! by Darrel Spenst
ARTICLE: Son of Discovering the Classics More single and double entendres and puns than you can shake a stick at by Mark P. Shea
ARTICLE: Christian Horoscope You will dream of large rodents by Darrel Spenst
ARTICLE: Truth is Stranger than Fiction Oh,it is! It is!
DOOR DARE: Oh, no…it's wacky caption time again by Dan Pegoda
LOSER OF THE MONTH: A weenie for that personal touch The "2-minute letter"
BACK DOOR: Face to Face with Doubt The Nightmare of Unbelief

#131 September/October 1993
The in Your Face Issue

INTERVIEW: Dave Barry This is what happens to PKs?
ARTICLE: Contemporary Attitudes About God Celebrities was poetic on the Big Guy by Tom Willett
INTERVIEW: Tony Campolo Are whales dysfunctional?
CARTOON: Unconverted Rice
ARTICLE: If Someone Didn't Say It, They Should Have Intriguing quotes for our time by Tom Willett
ARTICLE: Franz Bibfeldt: He Came, He Saw, He Compromised Theologian of the Year and close personal friend of Martin Marty by Doug Peterson
ARTICLE: Pastoral Pugilism To slug or not to slug by Will Willimon
ARTICLE: Has Benny Hinn Been Born Again…Again? Does a haircut make a difference? by Ole Anthony
ARTICLE: Bible Versus A different translation of the Bible by Tom Willett
ARTICLE: Nightmare on a Trail Bike Does a haircut make a difference? by Wendy Green
LOSER OF THE MONTH: Heavenly license plates?
BACK DOOR: Who's afraid of God? The Safety of Fear

#132 November/December 1993
The Politically Incorrect Issue

CARTOON: Heaven/Lawyer Section Hey! Where is Everyone? Sisson
INTERVIEW: Rush Limbaugh The radio is not a pulpit
CARTOON: Well, I'm sorry Mr. Lazzowitz, but I did specifically say "Lazarus, come forth." Sisson
ARTICLE: Stuff You Should Know Sometimes the storm gets worse by Judith Hugg
ARTICLE: Weeds and Winnebagos Ropin' Winnebagos with Dave Barry and Kenneth Copeland by Darrel Spenst
ARTICLE: Created Free An outcome measured more by miracle than method by Bob Lupton
ARTICLE: Dear Dr. Gurty Did Adam and Eve ever meet a caveman? by Steve Unger
ARTICLE: How I Almost Lost My Faith The haunting story of a walk away from faith and back…er…sort of by Katie Andraski
ARTICLE: Christmas Eve in Nero's Café Just another Bible study in the local bar by Rex Downie
ARTICLE: Get Right With God Christ-haunted or sign-haunted? by Mary Coleman
ARTICLE: Is Mother Earth Pro-Life or Pro-Choice? Does animal rights mean fetus rights? by Doug Peterson
ARTICLE: What's Wrong With The Church Charting your way to church happiness by Todd Outcalt
CARTOON: The TroJanuary Cow by Shanks
ARTICLE: Modern Thought for Tiny Tots Into the heads of babes and sucklings by Mark Shea
DOOR DARE: Things don't get ugly by Dan Pegoda
BACK DOOR: Words have a life all their own Words I Wish I Had Never Heard

#133 January/February 1994
The Megachurch

INTERVIEW: James Kennedy Finally, a Presbyterian megachurch that isn't in Korea
ARTICLE: Church Trek Gravity-free churches by Thomas Watch
ARTICLE: Is Your Wife Depressed? by Melinda Brindley
INTERVIEW: John Seel Are baby-boomer megachurches a bust?
CARTOON: Charismatic Agnostics by Giff
ARTICLE: Bezzo's World Biblical breast feeding by Stephen Lewis
ARTICLE: The Cleansing of the Temple Tax-deductible religion by Mark R. Littleton
INTERVIEW: John Vaughan Pizza Hut evangelism
INTERVIEW: Bill Hybels Are baby boomer megachurches a must?
ARTICLE: And the Children were asked to Come Forward… Nightmare at the children's sermon by D.R. Chapman
ARTICLE: The Church Growth Inferno and Other Hot Spots for Lutherans. Church growth: evangelism or capitalism? by Doug Peterson
ARTICLE: The Origin of Santa Claus Could he be … Satan? by Mark R. Littleton
LOSER OF THE MONTH: A technological Green Weenie
DOOR DARE: Hey diddle-doodle by Dan Pegoda
BACK DOOR: Powerless Politics

#134 March/April 1994
(picture of cross with AIDS red ribbon on it)

INTERVIEW: Earl E. Shelp Walking the line between activist and caretaker
ARTICLE: Christian Prototypes Those darn Christians by Andy Fletcher
CARTOON: Interview with a sausage by Mueller
INTERVIEW: Rev. Michael S. Piazza My church has AIDS
ARTICLE: Leprosy and AIDS Sticks and stones can break our bones, but stigmas always hurt us by Dr. Paul Brand
ARTICLE: Great Moments in Methodist History These are the great moments? by Todd Outcalt
CARTOON: "Sorry, Fred, but you know the rules…you break a sing and we shoot you." by Stration
ARTICLE: Judaism, Homosexuality and Civilization A Jewish view of homosexuality by Dennis Prager
ARTICLE: The Mennonite Stress Scale They should have been Amish by Ivan Emke
ARTICLE: Bible Heroes: Lot A first and second grade curriculum proposal for Focus On the Family by Scot A. Marvin
DOOR DARE: Inner distractions and coming attractions by Dan Pegoda
LOSER OF THE MONTH: A purple weenie for the brontosaurus blues ---Barney
BACK DOOR: When Our Souls Stand on Tiptoe Saving people from a life without calling

#135 May/June 1994 (bound photocopy)
Princess Di Issue

INTERVIEW: Susan Howatch Refusing to deal with unrealities
ARTICLE: Beavis and Butt-head are Saved Huh-huh-huh, praise God by Becky Garrison
CARTOON: A snowball with a chance in hell. by Mule Lady
INTERVIEW: Graham Cray An insiders look at the Church in England
ARTICLE: Bible Heroes: Elisha James Dobson's worst nightmare A 1st and 2nd grade curriculum proposal for Focus on the Family by Scot A. Marvin
INTERVIEW: Stephen Lawhead An outsiders look at the Church of England
ARTICLE: Infallible Inspirations The perfect organ by Cathy Sproul
INTERVIEW: Simon Mayo Fame or faith…what will it be?
ARTICLE: Excerpt from 101 Things to do with a Dull Church
ARTICLE: If the Beatles Had Been Believers by Thomas Watch
ARTICLE: England and the U.K.: A Cross-cultural Channel-surfing Odyssey Moshing, squashing, and sloshing by Mark P. Shea
ARTICLE: Things Americans Should Know about Christianity in England Little known facts by Martin Wroe (with help from Steve Taylor)
ARTICLE: Anglicans: The World's Largest Dysfunctional Family It was Henry's fault by Doug Peterson
DOOR DARE: Things don't get ugly by Dan Pegoda
LOSER OF THE MONTH: There's no pastor like your own
BACK DOOR: Religious Bounty Hunters

#136 July/August 1994
Periodically Challenged Issue

INTERVIEW: Kathryn Lindskoog M.S., C.S. and B.S.
CARTOON: We're playing pin the blame on the victim by Mueller
ARTICLE: 10 All-time Worst Religious Marketing Ideas by Rocco Maiolo
INTERVIEW: Melvin Fensom Surprise! Jerry Falwell couldn't understand him
CARTOON: Pastor Schaffer (picture) Pastor Schaffer in a Strong Headwind (picture)
INTERVIEW: Sue Mosteller Who are the handicapped?
ARTICLE: The Non-dominant Hand Rocks the Inner Cradle Mr. Winky Wizard finds his inner child by Mike Hertenstein
ARTICLE: Infallible Inspirations God's will for breasts & planets It's OK to be square (pg. 27) by Cathy Sproul & Christine Schaffer
ARTICLE: Henry & Gladys A Marriage made in heaven by Kathleen Kern
CARTOON: The United Nations Insecurity Council by Mueller
ARTICLE: The Incarnation Disillusioned pastor rediscovers his purpose in life? by David Jenkins
ARTICLE: Green Beer and Yellow Lights Maybe God does heal by Jill Blanche
ARTICLE: Infallible Inspirations Breast of Life by Cathy Sproul & Christine Schaffer
ARTICLE: Invisible Ministers The Church is more disabled than the disabled by Doug Peterson
ARTICLE: Amazing Grace Street wisdom—the uncomplicated Truth by William O'Brien
LOSER OF THE MONTH: Mail-order international brides… in a Christian sort of way, of course
DOOR DARE: Things don't get ugly by Dan Pegoda
BACK DOOR: Finding God in the inbetween-ness of life The God of the Inbetweens

#137 September/October 1994
Tiny Palooza '94 The First One Club Dada July 7, Dallas, TX

INTERVIEW: Tiny Tim A stranger in a strange land
ARTICLE: Truth in Christian Advertising Polluted water from the Jordan River? By Neil Uchitel
INTERVIEW: D. Keith Mano Naked breasts and crosses
CARTOON: Tales of a Renegade Street Preacher I've got an inflatable pulpit by Hawkins
ARTICLE: Ode to Joy's Husband An odd ode to an odd Oxford don by Randall West
ARTICLE: 10 Things You'll Never Hear at Our Church Couldn't we hear them just once? by Brett Carter
ARTICLE: Ninety-five Reasons Why the Rapture Will be in 1995 Richard Dawson returns to Family Feud. Come quickly, Lord Jesus by Arsenio Orteza
ARTICLE: Equustentialism (Golden Gate Bridge) Huh? by Emo Phillips
ARTICLE: The City of God at the End of the Universe The City of God is not Boston by Steven D. Greydanus
ARTICLE: Lost in America: A Denominational Guide What do the lost really want to lose? By Timothy Merrill
ARTICLE: Bible Heroes: Peter; Kids: Tithe or die by Scot A. Marvin
ARTICLE: Virtual Religion Your passport to error-free church selection by D.R. Chapman
ARTICLE: The Baptist Lectionary The only verses Baptists need to know by Scot A. Marvin
ARTICLE: Book Review: How to Make Atheists Look Stupid Josh McDowell says, "Evidence, schmevidence!" by James W. Miller
CARTOON: Church Fund Drives Bus/Parsonage/Pew Cushions (highest amount on thermometer) by Jonny Hawkins
DOOR DARE: Things don't get ugly by Dan Pegoda
LOSER OF THE MONTH: A woman's place is helping her husband Suitable helpers
BACK DOOR: Annoying Faith Faith is irritating

#138 November/December 1994
Special Christmas Issue (Madonna with Barney)

CARTOON: I'm sorry Mary, but I didn't have time to put up a tree—besides, we don't even live here by Sisson
INTERVIEW: Ole Anthony The terror of televangelists
ARTICLE: The Ministerial "What I Should Have Said/What I Said" What stinks in here? by Scot Marvin
ARTICLE: A Typical Christmas Card Newsletter Doesn't it occur to people that no one cares? By Richard Wilkinson
INTERVIEW: Maria Muldaur Pumpernickel Christianity
CARTOON: The End of the Sermon Is Near! (man carrying sign in church)
ARTICLE: Barney Agonistes Oh Barney! My Barney! by Darrel Spenst
ARTICLE: Bible Heroes: Boaz It's no fun being an illegal alien by Scot A. Marvin
ARTICLE: Fosdick Was Dead (A Christianity Carol) Have we learned nothing? by Robert Price
CARTOON: "It's my father...the Pastor…he's always pushing for an antecdote." (baby on psychiatrist's couch) by Jonny Hawkins
ARTICLE: Girls Not Allowed Inside the Promise Keepers Sweat Lodge by Doug LeBlanc
ARTICLE: Icons and Tigers and Bears, Oh My! Are icons dangerous or sacred? By Doug Peterson
ARTICLE: Fifteen Dollars I had picked up a girl of the night by Rex Downie, Jr.
DOOR DARE: We've been getting some strange requests lately by Dan Pegoda
LOSER OF THE MONTH: R-rated gospel Reverend, I'm Available
BACK DOOR: The Secret Self. The secret self is where Jesus is

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